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"The high mountains to the north afford shelter from the poor weather experienced over northern Europe. The result is a climate that is seldom too hot, rarely too wet, and boasts the mildest winter weather in Europe."

The weather is one of the main reasons why many people visit or come to live in the Axarquia. The Low and High areas of Andalucia offer many possibilities to holiday makers and residents alike. With the Sierra Nevada mountains in the north and the beaches in the south, Andalucia has a fantastic combination of beach resorts, mountain walks and a ski resort. This results in an area that attracts visitors on a year-round basis.

Because of the region's sub-tropical climate, this is also a region where some of the more tropical fruits, such as mango and kiwi are grown. The World Health Organisation is on record as naming the area as having one of the best climates in Europe.

Axarquia’s climate enjoys, on average, 300 sunny days a year and even in the cooler winter months there are often clear blue skies and with the most amazing sunrise and sunsets. Hot summers, mild winters and little or no rainfall either side of the long summer season is enjoyed by the Axarquia region.


Temperatures reach a peak in August, with an average 'temperature in the shade' in the high Eighties (ºF). The coolest months are December, January and February when temperatures peak between low to mid sixties (ºF). Even on cooler days however, the sun still often shines. During April to June and September to the first half of October it might be considered the best time to visit the region. At these times temperatures are warm but not too hot and any winter rain is avoided. It's even been said, that many people with ailments including arthritis and diabetes have benefited from the dryer, warmer climate!

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