Want to set up a business in Spain? Read how the locals and expats in the Axarquia area have set up their business. Or use this section as a guide as to where to shop, drink or eat.


This month The Grapevine spoke to Michael from Timeout Spas in Nerja. Having known him since the magazine started over 100 editions ago I thought it was about time he answered a few of my questions!

Michael is originally from Toronto in Canada and he first visited Spain back in 1975 as part of his travelling expeditions. He then continued to pop back to the Capistrano area of Nerja over the following 4 years whilst also travelling around Canada, The United States, Europe and Africa. Finally


Bodegas Bentomiz reports on their busiest time of year. 

August: the harvest begins. Grapes, at each vineyard that supplies the winery, are tested for sugar content daily; we only harvest when they exactly suit the wines requirements.

This year the grapes in one Cómpeta vineyard were ready to harvest for our dry white as early as the eight! Each day is busy, each day different. Harvest is an organic process as the grapes ripen at their own pace, depending on the altitude, the inclination


A BRAND new venture in Competa is aiming to go to the top of the class.

Axareducacion is a soon to be unveiled centre for culture, education and learning.

It is the brainchild of teachers Gemma Edelman and Beatriz Moreno Perz, and co-worker Manuel Vega Peña.

The centre is aimed at ages from five through to adults and will encompass learning in all areas from primary to further education and degree level.

I spoke with Gemma about this new venture in the village and their aims for the future.


For a number of years there has been a trade stall on the markets in Trapiche, Puente Don Manuel & also over in Coin run by John & Lynn that has been able to supply both businesses & the public with a wide variety of stationery, books, pens & general office supplies as well as printer ink and toner cartridges.

My name is Andy & I took over the business from John & Lynn last September, I have plenty of experience of the business, being friends of the previous owners and


Moscatel is the grape variety that dominates Málaga´s Axarquía, specifically the Moscatel de Alejandría. This fabulous grape, grown all over the steep hillsides here, is eaten fresh, dried into big, tasty raisins and pressed into wine. In recent years its potential in the highest quality fine wines – both sweet and dry – has been growing rapidly. It was the inspiration for the white wines, sweet and dry, made by Sayalonga winery Bodegas Bentomiz, now served daily in the tasting menus of three star El Celler de Can Roca, rated as the World´s best restaurant.

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