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Last year the Post Office in Competa introduced changes to its charges for a post box. This meant households had to pay per person for receiving post to the same box. The reality meant that many people with homes in the campo could no longer afford a post box. There were complaints about these charges but the reality remained..

Instead of complaining any more a few customers suggested to Todo Papel in Competa that they provide the service as well, and then people could have a choice. Alick and


year on from taking over the business and we are continue to supply both businesses & the public with a wide variety of stationery, books, pens & general office supplies as well as printer ink and toner cartridges. We also try to keep in a small amount of good quality computer related stuff such as wireless mice and keyboards, speakers, blank dvd`s and cd`s, photo printing paper and different thicknesses of good quality paper and card which can be used for card making.

Design, printing


As this is our first real Christmas here at ´La Boutique´ we have spent the past few months excitedly thinking of ways to make the perfect Christmas for everybody…….Whether it's that tricky teenage boy, the lady who has everything, boys & girls of all ages or even the family pet, we have sourced from all over Europe, gifts of all shapes & sizes (as well as budgets!).

Brand new stock for Christmas is already arriving & we have to admit that it has gone straight onto our Christmas lists ready to send to St. Nicolas! To name all of the exciting treats we have lined up would be near on impossible & spoil the fun of visiting us often, but to give you a sneak preview, here is our list of top gift ideas for the holiday season:


You may remember Kelly Maynard from appearing in the CAMPO pantomime “Cinderella” where she gave a great performance as the Fairy godmother or you may know her as Kevin's daughter from Portichuelo Ferriteria in Competa. However, now she hopes you will remember her by her new business “Beauty and Nails” by Kelly. She has come a long way since her debut performance in Competa both in maturity and ambition.

Kelly and her family moved to Spain 8 years ago where she enrolled in the secondary school in Competa. She acknowledged she was never offered the help and support needed and has always been interested in nails. Having bought her first nail kit from Argos she taught herself, watched her mum get her nails done and then she was hooked on creating designs and pretty things for nails!! On leaving school she decided to pursue this course of training. After extensive research she found the perfect course in England that provided in depth beautytraining over 3 years.


I have always thought it would be great to be able to generate our own electricity using solar or wind power and not have to rely on the utility companies, but, for a long time such systems have
seemed unreliable, complicated and very expensive.

However, solar hot water has become easy and effective, and my research told me that Solar electric (photovoltaic – PV) has made similar strides. Time to look again, I thought, I would tryto assemble a good basic system that would allow us some scope

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