Want to set up a business in Spain? Read how the locals and expats in the Axarquia area have set up their business. Or use this section as a guide as to where to shop, drink or eat.


Marco Polo has been in the village for years but has recently undergone a change thanks to the new owners David and Tracy. It was David's Mum and Dad who ran the local shop for years and with the sad passing of his mum and his dad's retirement the couple decided to move to Spain to keep the shop going. They explained there was always a plan to move to Spain but not necessarily Competa. However with Keith's retirement it seemed logical to come to the village and take over the shop, an already established business. Tracy will manage the shop and David will out help whilst also pursuing his singing career.

Marco Polo has always been known for its books and DVD hire along with providing local information in the way of maps and guides. This will all continue exactly as before however they have now extended certain ranges in the shop for example the celebration section. Now they stock everything for a party from cards to party bags, garlands, candles, confetti cannons, piñata's and more.


It has been a subject of much debate and for some, horror, that soon we will lose English television as we know it southern Spain. With the launch of a new satellite above England it appears that coverage will no longer extend to southern Spain.

This means that it will be highly probable we will lose reception of many major channels currently viewed on freesat. It is also very likely channels will be affected on Sky television too. However, until the Satellite changeover occurs no one actually can predict the exact impact. Although, there is no doubt there will be problems and the loss of channels we are used to receiving.


We all know the natural pleasures that can be had in the campo around Competa; walking and hiking, mountain biking, horse riding to name but a few. But now there is another option on the borders of the parque natural. Curry!

Alright, I know it's not really an activity but it's certainly a very attractive pleasure that can now be enjoyed at Finca los Pinos. I'm sure curry lovers all have their favourite curry restaurant on and around the coast but now for residents around Competa there's


Last year the Post Office in Competa introduced changes to its charges for a post box. This meant households had to pay per person for receiving post to the same box. The reality meant that many people with homes in the campo could no longer afford a post box. There were complaints about these charges but the reality remained..

Instead of complaining any more a few customers suggested to Todo Papel in Competa that they provide the service as well, and then people could have a choice. Alick and


year on from taking over the business and we are continue to supply both businesses & the public with a wide variety of stationery, books, pens & general office supplies as well as printer ink and toner cartridges. We also try to keep in a small amount of good quality computer related stuff such as wireless mice and keyboards, speakers, blank dvd`s and cd`s, photo printing paper and different thicknesses of good quality paper and card which can be used for card making.

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