Want to set up a business in Spain? Read how the locals and expats in the Axarquia area have set up their business. Or use this section as a guide as to where to shop, drink or eat.


Light the corners of my mind. 
Misty water-colored memories, 
Of the way we were...

And as Barbra Streisand's song continues, our memories can feel like a collection of scattered pictures, as though we've upended a shoe-box full of old photos, some labelled, some not. Was this one from that holiday in Pembrokeshire when you were six, the time you got stung by a wasp and the car broke down? And this one, was it Nana and Grandad's ruby


All foreigners residing in Spain who are currently receiving a pension for services rendered, (whether a public or private pension), from their countries of origin, should declare this income in their tax declaration form in the monetary compensation section under income from work, only of course when they are obliged to file an income tax return form. 

It is important to note that all tax residents in Spain must declare their total personal global income for taxation


This month I had the pleasure of meeting Feroza and Graham who have opened up a beautiful boutique Bed and Breakfast in Competa. It is located in the corner of the main Plaza (next door to the tobacconist) hence why they have called it the Almijara Residence. The building was originally a narrow and tall town house in need of substantial renovation. They had the vision to create a 5 roomed bed and breakfast with a reception the ground floor and a roof top bar with views over the


You wake to the insistent static roar of hundreds of chicadas and know it will be another gaspingly hot day. Don't swelter indoors as the day goes on. This is a great time of year to find your Spanish soul. Siesta in the afternoon and enjoy the long cooler night for all it is worth. What better way to that than go to an open air concert at a winery, with wines and gourmet tapas, not to mention some seriously stylish music? Bodegas Bentomiz is offering just that.

The Bodega is just above Sayalonga in a stunningly beautiful location. On the one hand the mountains, and on the other the Mediterranean sea – between them the steep hillsides. Corumbela is almost opposite, across the valley. On this side you find the vineyard, with the vines now heavy with grapes, and the Bodega itself, a stylish modern construction, clad, unusually, in slate. The concerts take place in the forecourt of this building, while upstairs is a lovely airy salon where wine and tapas can be served. 


Andrea Slater is not new to the area she has had a finca in the Natural Park for nearly 20 years but she now feels it is time to slow down her work in Germany and focus on building a business here in Andalucia. Andrea is an Interior designer and as she talks, it is evident how passionate she is about her work, her own finca demonstrates her natural talent and she talks excitedly about how she would love to help people transform their homes and revamp local bars and restaurants.

Andrea is originally from Germany and since she was a little girl she was always interested in nice things. She drove her parents mad with constantly changing her bedroom, having found new pieces of furniture, lamps, material or just bits and bobs! Her love of getting a bargain and serious trawling of car boot sales means she is a great believer that Interior design does not have to be expensive. Often she finds a beautiful piece such as a silver platter or a large glass lamp and then creates a picture or story in her head and then shops to make the idea a reality.   In her own home she pointed out various items she had bought for less than 10 euro, some for as little as 1, which she sprayed, cleaned or painted  and then created a design around it, with amazing results. Areas of her own home and garden have been transformed into something unique and beautiful. 

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