Creative Property Marketing are a well-established advertising agency, specialising in private property sales.  The business is based just inland from Malaga city and help owners sell their properties all over Spain (to include the islands).  It provides sellers with a cost effective and very successful way to sell their home – finding buyers that, historically would be challenging to find.

Creative Property Marketing is a registered Spanish SL and Sarah and David Rick, the owners of the company, help hundreds of sellers at any one time to sell their homes privately.  The advertising reaches an audience of millions around the world, 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year, with the advertising campaign running for 12 months. 

This approach to selling Spanish property may be rather unique but this does not mean it is complicated – quite the opposite!  The sellers provide photographs via email or send through a memory stick by post, the sellers answer questions about their home, a superb property description is produced for them (with sellers having the opportunity to proof read and ask for changes).  Then the description/advert with up to 40 photographs is loaded onto the world's leading property sales websites.

What is clever about Creative Property Marketing's work is; they give sellers the opportunity to advertise privately on websites that are not available to the general-public.  Using the advertising agency, gets their property featured on Kyero, Think Spain, Prime Location, Zoopla Overseas, The Move Channel, Spanish Property Insight and the list goes on…  'House-hold' brands that are always at the top of any Google property search around the globe (translated into umpteen languages).

There is an advertising package for everyone:

· Standard Package - pay just €296.45 for 12 months advertising on the 20 prime property sales websites.

· Global Plus - pay a little more, €477.95 and bolt on a huge bunch of truly global websites to increase the advertising campaign to 190 websites. 

· Exclusive properties with an asking price of €800,000 or over pay a small premium of €181.50 due to the work involved in expertly describing properties such as these.

Creative Property Marketing are thrilled with the recommendations they get month after month from very happy sellers who tell their friends, neighbours and anyone who will listen about how they sold their property and paid out under €300 to do so!

In more recent months, Mark Stucklin, a leading property sales journalist invited Creative Property Marketing to feature on his website; Spanish Property Insight.  This was a real honour.  Mark loved the Creative concept and the professional approach delivered by Sarah and David.  He helps sellers of property, all over Spain with a multitude of problems.  If you visit the Spanish Property Insight website you will be amazed what topics Mark talks about, all affecting how Spanish homes will sell today and in the future.  Economics, property law and politics are just a few of the subjects written about.  You can ask him questions also!  The unique, approachable, professional and friendly way Creative Property Marketing work really interested Mark and their presence on his website gives balance. It provides his readers with another way to sell their Spanish homes alongside the traditional method.

Visit the website of Creative Property Marketing on:  www.creativepropertymarketing.com
Phone them for a no obligation chat on:  0034 951 40 02 28.  Or send them an email:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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