A holistic, effective, safe and non-manipulative therapy to correct misalignments in the spine and joints and a true self-help method!

The DORN method is named after its inventor Dieter DORN. He invented this self-help method already in the 1970ies in the South of Germany. Since its invention and till to date it has been improved and further developed by Dieter Dorn himself and by the many others who have learned and practiced this fantastic method. 

The DORN method is a soft and very effective method to treat diseases and symptoms related with the spine and/or the joints. It is a form of manual therapy and treats vertebras and joints which are blocked or subluxated.

What happens when a vertebra is subluxated?
Subluxation means misalignment and is usually caused by a long-term inappropriate/false strain or acute false movements like twisting or heavy lifting, effects of drugs, alcohol, pollution and even emotional stress. A vertebral subluxation refers to a spinal bone which has become misaligned, so that the nerves coming from or leading to the spinal cord are usually irritated. The spinal cord is the main pathway for information connecting the brain and The spinal cord is the main pathway for information connecting the brain and peripheral nervous system It connects every cell, tissues and organ of the body with the brain through a pair of nerve roots that branch off from it. Millions of impulses flow continuously from the brain along the spinal cord and out to every organ and tissue and back again. 
Pressure applied to nerves because of a subluxation can cause weakness, numbness and poor performance. Likewise, if nerves are rubbed, stretched or otherwise irritated they can develop hyperactive impulses that cause pain, muscle spasm, overactive organ function and other symptoms of poor health. Usually, this causes pains in the spine, the muscles, tendons, sinews and joints. And since each nerve is assigned to a certain organ, organic dysfunctions like gastric discomfort, constipation, oppressive breathing, bladder trouble etc. can occur. 

What is the procedure of a DORN treatment?
At the beginning of each DORN treatment the leg length is controlled. All three joints (hip, knee, ankle) on both legs are treated by using a gentle pressure towards the particular joint while moving it from a bended into a more straight position. This is absolutely safe, easy and painless! 

A functional difference of the leg length is usually caused by a pelvic misalignment. The pelvis is the basis for the spinal column and the connective part between trunk and legs. Its complex structure of muscles and tendons makes our upright posture possible. A false sitting posture at a desk, a fall or a one-sided strain are possible reasons for a pelvic misalignment which subsequently leads to severe misalignments in the spinal column.

Then it's time for each individual vertebra. The lower part is checked and corrected in a standing position, the upper part in a sitting position.

And what makes the DORN method so different to other techniques?
In case of classical methods the therapist usually moves you, pulls you, pushes you – sometimes very suddenly and unexpectedly for the client. This can be experienced as a quite brutal and manipulating treatment where energy pathways and body liquids are compressed which causes a real shock for the body. More sensitive people might even experience a mental shock.

The DORN method is applied with the active support of the client and, therefore within the natural flow of movement, e.g. by swinging a leg or an arm or by turning the head.
The movement avoids the natural muscular protection when a vertebra is corrected and encourages a natural realignment. With a soft pressure the vertebra or joint can be brought back into their ideal position without any unintended side-effects. Further, the movement guarantees that especially a vertebra is not corrected any further than to its normal (or ideal) position.

The DORN Method - like any other method and technique - cannot do magic and does not replace the consultation of a General Practitioner in case of severe health problems! However, it is a true self-help method, meaning that the client contributes actively or in a supporting way during the treatment and specific exercises for acute pain relief and prophylaxes strengthen the consciousness for the cause of the symptoms.

Additional organizational notes:

·Informative presentation on the DORN method:
21 July, 12 pm at the Centro Dharma in Trapiche
Please reserve your place with Feel Good Axarquía or Centro Dharma – 
attendance is FREE!

·DORN treatments can now also be booked at the Centro Dharma in Trapiche (, +34 - 642 740 109)

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