Coming to Spain 11 years ago Wendy and her partner Doug were inspired by the landscape, the light and of course the climate. In awe of the spectacular sunrises and sunsets they spent several years searching Andalusia for their ideal location and eventually settled on a property near Periana with spectacular views over Lake Vinuela. 

The next years were spent transforming their property into the beautiful villa which it is today. Being perfectionists everything had to be just right. The gardens were landscaped, many interesting trees and shrubs planted and unusual features created. Their tasks mainly completed, their attention turned to embrace the local culture and in particular the numerous local artists and their work.

Wendy and Doug felt that the hidden talents of these people should have exposure to a wider audience. Work was often displayed on restaurant and cafe walls with nobody available to talk about the work and the artist
behind it. Some local galleries existed but these were few and far between and often lacked proper lighting and display facilities.

Wendy and Doug wanted their project to be unique and different and to contrast with the commercial high street galleries developed for pure profit with little consideration of art.

They decided to take a new approach and set their ambition to introduce new people to art and art
to new people. Wendy the gallery’s director believes that a collection of art represents an extension
of ones identity and that whilst the internet will serve as an introduction it will never take away ones desire to experience art in its true form.

The creation of La Galeria at Villa Olivia has provided visitors, artists, art lovers and collectors alike the
opportunity to browse in tranquility, beautiful creations in oil, watercolour and pastel together with some inspiring photography. Visitors are able to discover and appreciate aspiring artists Works both traditional and contemporary. 

They are welcome to relax, have a drink and browse and chat at their leisure without any
pressure to buy.

La Galeria at Villa Olivia held its Grand Launch party earlier in the year which was attended and enjoyed by over 100 people.

It is Wendy and Doug’s intention to host different exhibitions each month with each new exhibition heralded by an open evening. After this as the gallery is not open every day viewings are by appointment only. An exhibition featuring the widely differing works of various photographers is planned for May.

During the year ahead La Galeria at Villa Olivia intends to continue the expansion of its collection including the Works of both local and international artists and photographers - We are in for an exciting year ahead! 

Wendy having lost her father to cancer is also to organise an evening in conjunction with Cudeca to raise funds in aid of the charity. For groups with an interest in theatrical arts and wanting a diversification La Galeria is staging “Shirley Valentine” staring the local talented actress Valerie Molyneux.

Watch the events calendar on la Galeria’s website for dates.

Local groups are invited to arrange trips to La Galeria for morning coffee and light refreshments and to view the art and beautiful manicured gardens.

Many more exciting projects are scheduled, including escorted mini coach tours encompassing La Galeria, a Bodega, local tourist attractions and lunch at a typical Spanish restaurant. These will be promoted and developed with local travel operators and tourist organisations and it is hoped these will widen the appeal of the Axarquia to foreign visitors.

Any questions or queries please refer to Doug Elliott or Wendy Holmes mobile 618 236 615 

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