Sam Mitchell (very appropriate!) and Emma Body own Eastenders, the English Food store in Torre del Mar.

Sam and Emma are sisters and moved to Spain with their own families and their parents at the beginning of this year. Emma is currently pregnant, expecting her third child any time soon. We spoke a lot about family life here in Spain, pregnancy and birth, so much so, that I almost forgot the real reason I was in Eastenders! Emma and Sam were easy to talk to and their customers who came in and out of the shop wished Emma well for the birth as if they were family themselves.

Emma and Sam moved to Spain looking for a business opportunity. Eastenders came up in conversation between friends. Sam rang the owners, a deal was made and they took over in February of this year. They saw an opportunity and seized it to earn a living for their families. Owning an English Food store wasn’t exactly what they had planned but they explained “they are very happy with it and it works out great for us”. Emma and Sam take shifts in turns throughout the week. This leaves time for family and life in Spain. I asked what other ideas they had for a business here if they hadn’t taken on Eastenders. They both laughed and said an underwear shop for the larger sizes. They still feel this is a great idea and much needed, and they may well build on the idea in the future.

Since taking over Eastenders they have extended their range of frozen foods and dry foods in stock; mainly as a result of customer requests. If a customer can’t see what they want in their shop they can usually order it in specially – so just ask. They have extended the weigh watchers range which is selling really well along with their Quorn range. They now provide a delivery service for all over the Axarquia for any of the goods in the shop.

Currently they are preparing the shop for Christmas with gift wrapping (bows tags, paper). Advent calendars and selection boxes are already in. They have a great selection of meat for the Christmas period including, turkey crowns, beef joints, legs of lamb and gammon. You can order your meat and packets of vegetables now and collect nearer the time if you wish.

Emma and Sam enjoy running Eastenders, which they feel gives them and their customers a little bit of the taste of home whilst living in Spain. Their kids love coming to the shop too heading straight for the great variety of chocolate bars. Eastenders can be found on Calle Gustodio Pugus no.10 which is off Avenida Andalucia (the main road through Torrre del Mar).

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