Traditionally, British sellers of property in Spain have had a 'love/hate' relationship with estate agents. Home sellers and estate agents have 'rubbed along' for many a year, with the seller possibly feeling they have no other choice – how else can they sell their home? In recent years and going forward into 2016 - things have changed to both the seller's and buyer's advantage! Now, sellers of Spanish property can be fully supported by property professionals whilst these experts advertise the property for sale in the best way possible/ the most visible places on the internet. They don't charge commission when the house sells, they charge just €296.45 (inc. IVA) for 12 months advertising. The property is attractively offered for sale on the best property sales websites used by buyers around the globe today. Creative Property Marketing are a great example of how selling property in this way can be achieved, rather than using a traditional estate agent. What is interesting about this relatively new property sales method, is how much sense it makes – once you understand how it works, it is hard to imagine going back to traditional methods. Selling property is not difficult – you cannot make someone buy a home that is not suitable for them or appealing to them. The key is attracting the right buyer in the first place. Therefore, it is simply a matter of ensuring that your property is: ·Advertised for sale in the most desirable way possible – superb property details that sell your home in an eye catching, inspiring and detailed way. ·Advertised for sale in as many places as possible – where today's demanding and informed buyers will search. So, clever marketing and advertising has hopefully attracted the right buyer to your home - the hard work is done! What needs to happen next…? ·The buyer's excitement at having possibly found, 'the one/the house for them' needs to be harnessed. They will enquire about the property via the internet (through the website/property portal they were searching). The reply they receive to their enquiry needs to continue to build upon their interest. Creative Property Marketing are experts at this! ·Now a date to view the property needs to be organised. There is no better way than the seller making direct contact with the buyer to organise this. Questions and answers can be exchanged at the same time and a relationship established between seller and buyer – everyone is happy! ·The seller can then meet the buyer somewhere convenient or at the property (depending on the buyer's knowledge of the area). The viewing takes place. ·No-one is better to show a buyer a property than the seller themselves – after all, they know the property better than anyone! ·Negotiating a sale directly between seller and buyer can be so easy, or use Creative Property Marketing to help or get the lawyers involved. It's easier than you might imagine and you the seller, are in complete control! ·Feedback is key – if for any reason a potential buyer does not make an offer, the seller can contact the buyer and ask for helpful feedback – so important in successfully selling a home! The technical stuff is all handled by Creative Property Marketing – helping the seller with paperwork, creating and loading superb property details onto the internet (working hand-in-hand with the seller to get every detail just right), keeping in contact with the seller regularly (a monthly overview at least) and generally working with the sellers until the property is sold. Creative Property Marketing are currently: ·Attracting more buyers month-on-month. ·Arranging the most viewings seen for years. ·Seeing their sellers negotiate and close deals more quickly than ever before. See their advert opposite for full contact details

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