The internet has changed the way we buy all sorts of things - from paperback books to properties, the world has become a very small place! Nowadays, the internet is the best way to attract buyers to property for sale in Spain, making sure homes are seen by potential buyers around the world. With foreign buyers currently making up 95% of Spanish property purchases, it has never been more essential to advertise your home for sale globally. The only way to do this successfully, is to use the internet to its full potential. Expatriate run estate agencies (who deal with foreign buyers), tend to only advertise their properties for sale on Kyero & sometimes, Think Spain. However, there are so many more superb websites property can and ideally, should be advertised for sale on. Is just one or maybe two websites good enough in these competitive times? Probably not! Reaching a weekly audience of more than 1 million potential buyers is the way forward and this can only be achieved by advertising on as many international prestigious property sales websites/portals as possible. High profile websites such as Prime Location Overseas, Zoopla Overseas, The Move Channel, Luxury Estate, Kyero and Think Spain are not cheap to advertise on and most are not available to the general public. So finding a buyer for property in Spain has, until now, been an expensive proposition. THERE IS A SOLUTION THAT WORKS - Creative Property Marketing offer private sellers the opportunity to sell their homes by advertising them for sale on the best websites available. Offering a very affordable 12 months advertising bundle (20 websites in total) for just €296.45 (alongside first class and professional sales and marketing support) for private sellers. At this time, no other company in Spain is known to provide this level of advertising ACCOMPANIED by full property expert support. The creation of a superb advert is included, to handling enquiries from buyers through to assistance at all times during the 12 months advertising campaign (to include help with negotiations, legal advice etc.). Please remember there is no commission to pay when the house sells! Selling property via the Internet is fast becoming the norm in the UK and Northern Europe - Creative Property Marketing now give you the same opportunity to sell your home in Spain - it's easy and you'll save thousands of Euros! This way of selling property is open to all - you don't need to be a computer expert - Creative Property Marketing do everything for you. They have sold the homes of sellers in their 80's who have never used a computer through to those who run their life through the internet. The service is open to all - there is always a way! If you visit the website of Creative Property Marketing, you'll see a step-by-step guide for sellers. All they want to do is help you sell privately during 2016 so give them a call if you need to know more. They want you to have a very Happy New Year! See advert on the opposite page. Tel: 951 400 228 Website: www.creativepro

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