It has been a subject of much debate and for some, horror, that soon we will lose English television as we know it southern Spain. With the launch of a new satellite above England it appears that coverage will no longer extend to southern Spain.

This means that it will be highly probable we will lose reception of many major channels currently viewed on freesat. It is also very likely channels will be affected on Sky television too. However, until the Satellite changeover occurs no one actually can predict the exact impact. Although, there is no doubt there will be problems and the loss of channels we are used to receiving.


In light of these predicted changes bb4s (Rebeloak SL) can provide a solution. They have researched and made investment in order for anyone with an Internet connection to continue to watch English Television through the medium IPTV. bb4s based in Algarrobo Costa started providing Internet service nine years ago and have expanded carefully throughout the whole of the Axarquia. Their services include both the fast wireless Internet and low cost Telephone services and now Television. bb4s are the biggest independent Internet provider east of Malaga with over 4,000 regular customers.

I spoke to the owners Nick and Julie about their new service offering. They explained they will offer the best quality of Television available by the Internet. It won’t be quite as good as television sent and received by Satellite as people know it now. However the bb4s team is confident their system will provide the best Internet Television service available. bb4s has invested and tested, looked at the competition and believe their infrastructure, experience and technology will provide the best quality IPTV service that will be on the market when the satellite change over occurs. The bb4s team is in control of their entire infrastructure from their Malaga servers to their Internet and IPTV customers. They do not just simply sell on 3rd party services. bb4s controls, owns and operates as much of the total infrastructure as possible.

In order to receive their IPTV service, you need a good Internet connection and to buy a set top box which costs just €89 from their office in Algarrobo. Just connect it to your TV. Test it for 30 days to see if you are happy with it, and if you are, you will be billed €14.99 a month for receiving Television via the Internet. The service includes 34 UK TV stations (with more to come), 16 UK radio stations, and 30 days rewind and catch-up. See adverts opposite for station details. If after 30 days of using the service you are not happy simply take it back to the bb4s office for a refund. Charges for the service will not start until the beginning of the following month so you can also have up to 30 days of free service too (depending on when you buy the box). Also, bb4s are happy for you to cancel your subscription and take it up again at your leisure, which is a good service for holiday home owners.

So reports have it February is the month for the changes to occur and bb4s can offer a solution.

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