We've got everything you need to help you make the most of the long warm evenings this summer.

Make your terrace the perfect space to relax in the sunshine or enjoy an evening sun-downer with our collection of outdoor furniture. Dine at a beautiful hand crafted mosaic table in dappled lantern light refreshed by a fountain. Or luxuriate on one of our contemporary iron work chairs, sofas or daybeds all at low prices that you'll love. Made in the souks of Morocco, most of our larger items are built to order specifically to your requirements, so now is the time to start planning. For ideas or more information please check website.

As we head into BBQ season, we've got it covered; sausages - handmade, top brands & value range. Burgers – butcher's quarter pounders, lamb and Moroccan. Spare Ribs – with a sweet barbeque sauce ready to BBQ or cook in the oven. Irish sirloin steaks. Duck breast. Sauces, marinades and rubs. New for this summer and exclusive to Sugar and Spice in Spain, we have a selection of fabulous gourmet dips.Perfect for parties or easy entertaining the Spice Dips are supplied in powder form and can be mixed with a variety of products including mayonnaise, natural yoghurt, fromagefrais or perhaps sour cream - depending on your preference. This allows you to decide the texture, flavour and calorific content of your dip. They have a two year shelf life so are the perfect store cupboard ingredient, ready to use for that special occasion or as a snack for when unexpected friends have dropped by.

Don't forget to check out our summer drinks list, which is available on our website, nothing adds a bit of English Rose chic to an occasion like a nice cold jug of Pimms.

And what puts the finishing touches to a perfect summer evening? The outfit of course. We have something for every occasion for women of all ages. Our motto is: style is not about size, age, cost, or labels. We individually pick all items and avoid typical department store brands so you will be sure to find that little something to make you feel special and best of all, your neighbour won't be out and about in the same outfit. Beautiful floaty silk tops and dresses, cool and classy linen, from the every- day t-shirt to the posh frock that makes you feel oh so special. With our range of complimentary accessories, nail varnishes and luscious lip glosses for only a euro you don't have to break the bank to look absolutely wow every day.

The perfect setting, the perfect food & drink, the perfect look. We really have got everything that you need for the perfect BBQ. Except the charcoal!

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