1. Why are you opening another second hand shop up on the coast?
To extend the business after seeing that there is a demand for this type of product.

2. Why did you choose Algarrobo as the site for the new shop?
We think that this area will be a good commercial area in the future as it has 3 of the major supermarkets around it – Mercadona, Lidl & Aldi. We had looked at other areas and locals but this seemed to the best.

3.Is it manned all day or by appointment only?
The shop is open 6 days a week, Mon-Fri 10-2pm & 5-9pm and Saturdays 10-2pm. There are friendly staff who speak English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German and of course Spanish there to help all our customers.

4.Are you still taking away old furniture and buying items from customers? Is this service available on the coast or only in the surrounding inland villages to Competa?
Yes we are always looking for new stock, if anyone has items they wish to be removed or sell they just have to call us and we will come and have a look at what they have and we will be happy to make a deal. We cover the whole province of Malaga all the way along the coast and have even travelled to Granada to collect items. We are also interested in the stock of shops that are having to close down.

5. What items sell quickly in the shop?
All items that are of good quality, especially the large furniture and the electrical appliances.

6. What are the most unusual items you have for sale at the moment?
One of the most unusual is a confession chamber or wooden telephone cabin, depending on how you look at it!

7. Is Construction still your main work?
Yes it is, but with the difficulty in obtaining Building Licences recently to avoid having to lay off staff we having been looking at other avenues of work to branch into.

8.Does the construction business fit well with having the second hand Shops?
Yes it does, it also gives us some new contacts for building or house reforms and it is a way of expanding our cliental.

9.What other Services does your company provide? Anything that is related to construction such as Plumbing, Electrical work, Carpentry, Swimming Pools, Cleaning, Landscape Gardens, Painting etc..

10. Have you plans to open up any more shops in another location?
Not at the moment, but that depends on whether the crisis continues. If the Construction side of the business continues to weaken then we will have to think of other things we can do to maintain our workforce.

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