The entrance into Competa is no longer an empty unsightly concrete building that you race to get past before arriving into this lovely village. For, it is now taking shape with the arrival of new businesses and the influx of entrepreneurs and young professionals. One of these businesses and professionals is Thomas Gant, a Spanish Lawyer.

Thomas Gant Law is situated on the right-hand side on the approach into Competa. Thomas is a qualified lawyer and currently works between a firm of Lawyers in Nerja, where he has been for the last 5 years, and now his own premises in Competa. In the morning his wife Rocio “mans” the office and makes appointments for the afternoon for Thomas’s return from Nerja.
Thomas is half Danish and half Spanish and has been educated in both countries and as a result he is fluent in English, Danish and Spanish. His mother is from the village of Competa and his father from Denmark. He was born in Copenhagen and came back to Spain living first in Torre del Mar and then moving back to Competa. Here he stayed until his secondary education then moving back to Denmark to finish his schooling.

Although I hadn’t met Thomas formally before I had heard about him, mainly because of his reputation as a good footballer from my husband. This was indeed true as I learned he played professional football in Denmark within the first division and then later in Spain playing in the 2nd division. Thomas explained he realised he wasn’t going to be a star so needed another path for his future. This meant he concentrated on his studies and went to Malaga University and gained a degree in Law. He carried on playing football until around two years ago which was when his son was born, as finding the time to play with a young family was difficult! However, he now likes nothing better than taking the weekend off with his family.

On graduating from law school he found work in Nerja and continues to work with this firm whilst having his own premises in Competa. The official opening of the office is to be set for May where Thomas hopes to encourage people to pop in and meet him and see his office. He specialises in Inheritance, wills, property purchases, company incorporation's and taxes for both residents and non residents. He can also speak Swedish, Norwegian and German so advice can be given in your own language. Although he is a Spanish lawyer he understands how northern Europeans work and was educated in this way and will therefore grant a professional service. I personally noticed how professional he came across, courteous, well spoken and informative. I would feel very comfortable discussing important matters with him and asking for advice knowing it would be answered in an informed and appropriate way.

He has lived in Competa for years and has contacts locally for example within the Town Hall. He also works outside of Competa so his experience and knowledge extends further than just the village. These are all important factors that also contribute to Thomas Gant Law being a credible and reliable firm.

Please call in for an appointment or call Thomas on 620814137

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