Why Sail Shade World?
Sail Shade World is a global Company spanning several Countries. In partnership with W.A.Young, they have over 25 years experience in the Sail Shade Industry. We at Silvershades SL are the Spanish distributor for Sail Shade World products.

What is a Sail Shade?
A Sail Shade is a SAIL fixed between several points providing SHADE and vital UV protection
from the sun. Manufactured from high quality, ultra-strong lightweight shade cloth, finished with
double stitched border webbing that provides added strength.

Why do I need a Sail Shade?
A Sail Shade will not fall over in the wind
A Sail Shade offers up to 98% protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun
A Sail Shade allows air to flow through the shadecloth, keeping you cool
A Sail Shade is a stunning addition to any home, school or public place

Is your child protected in the sun?
Does your child’s school provide a ‘sun safe’ shaded area for outside play?
Sail Shades in school areas not only provide a ‘sun safe’shaded area for your children to play but also provide an additional resource for the school in the form of an outside teaching area. We can provide a full design and installation service for your school. Alternatively, if cost is a consideration you may like to approach your Local Town Hall to carry out the installation for you. We completed an installation recently that was funded by the Schools Parent Association, with their Local Town Hall undertaking the installation. This was a very cost effective way for the school to provide shade for their children.

Do you have a ‘sun safe’ shaded area for your children to play at home?
Does your pool or hot tub have shade that also provides UV protection?
Pets feel the heat too. Do you have a cool ‘sun safe’ area for your pet?

If not?, Then you may like to consider installing a Sail Shade.



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