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I had met Jamie and Andy a few times and they were always keen to tell me they weren’t just men with a mop and bucket doing a spot of cleaning but that they were professionals. Now I can get a bit obsessed with cleaning and I like everything to be just so in my house even if at times this is difficult with two five year olds.  To prove he wasn’t just talk Andy offered to come and work his magic in my house. This was a fantastic offer, having my house cleaned without effort on part. 

The day came that they were due round and to be honest I had to really refrain from doing some cleaning before they arrived, common sense told me this was like curling your hair before going to the hairdressers to have a perm,  although I have to say this was something my mum does.  Any way they arrived in a huge pickup truck  and out comes a jet wash with a huge engine costing over 2,000 Euro and bottles of unrecognisable cleaning fluids. They told me they use the most powerful electric pressure washer available and industrial cleaning fluids. Andy said “you won’t find any bleach in my truck, bleach only makes germs and dirt white it doesn’t clean or sanitise properly”.

Andy and Jamie clean rugs and carpets, upholstery (both in homes and cars) and specialist floors such as Marble, Wood and Terrazzo. They use the Thexatherm system acknowledged as the best carpet cleaning system available in the UK leaving rugs PH neutral and sanitised and can be used on the most delicate type of rug. On upholstery they also use Texatherm products with hot water extraction. For the floor cleaning and polishing all work is done using professional scrubbing and polishing machines and they use a specialist metallised polish which is hardwearing and produces a none-slip and shiny finish.

 I don’t have any rugs and only have leather sofas but Andy still said there was plenty they could clean in my house (wasn’t sure how to take this!). He first started outside with my white slabbed pool surround. I never knew it could go back to how it was new, it was incredible. We hadn’t not cleaned it, to me it looked a little off white, but now I realised how dirty it was and how much better it could look. They then moved onto my sun beds, the white plastic ones, to be honest one of them I had scrubbed, but it hadn’t worked so I was going to bin it. Their powerful jet wash made the sun beds look like they had been painted white! Then they finished outside by jet washing the whole of the terrace which again came up much better than I had ever seen it.  In side they cleaned and sanitised my toilets and despite my efforts with bleach the result Andy and Jamie gave was a whiter, smother and cleaner toilet which they told me I could eat off. I could see and feel the difference definitely. Jaime and Andy know what they are doing their results are incredible they certainly proved that!

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