Andalucia Damp Control

Andalucia Damp Control is a legally registered company in Spain, Identification No:G92937556 and they o­nly employ fully qualified and professional technicians.

Keith is 62 years old and from a general surveying background. He has specialised in solving water ingress (damp) problems in the UK for approximately 10 years, where weather is more extreme than here in Spain.

He has professionally solved flood related problems, general rising damp and penetrating damp issues. He also has experience of working in sub ground areas where constant water ingress is present and areas where running water is adjacent to buildings affecting foundations.
In conversation with many home owners in the Axarquia area he has identified a need to eliminate water ingress problems not dissimilar to the situations he has solved in the UK . Having been resident in the area for approximately 4 years he is now able to offer his free advice and provide solutions to damp problems backed by his professional team .

David specialises in electrical and plumbing work and was fully qualified in the UK. As a resident in the Axarquia for 6 years he has requalified to the standards required by the Spanish Authorities. He has a great knowledge of the area and extensive experience in general building and light construction work. During the last few years he has gained full experience in the treatment of damp issues and water ingress here in Andalucia.

If you would like help on any of these issues please give Andalucia Damp control a call

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