EGO have a new stylist

Mel and Andy at E.G.O. are proud to introduce Suzi their new stylist. She is well qualified and experienced in hairdressing and customer care. Andy is also training her in advanced cutting and colouring. However don't take our word for it, hear what our clients say.

Maggie from Leeds
Living in Leeds but often visiting my brother in Sedella, I take the opportunity to have my hair done at E.G.O. This time I took advantage of Suzi's introductory prices and was glad I did. She is a pleasant girl and a perfectionist with an eye for detail as the concentration on her face shows. She listened to what I said I wanted and by making a few suggestions to best suit my hair type and face shape she helped me to make the most of my looks. I am very pleased with the care and attention I received and after looking at the finished job in the mirror I felt a million dollars and may I say 10 years younger. I left the salon a very happy bunny. No wonder Suzi's modern styling techniques are so popular with the chicos of Competa.

Karen Bradbury, Cumbria
My sister, who lives in Competa, recommended E.G.O. because I had very long, naturally curly hair and wanted a complete change to make it shorter and straight. I also wanted to cover the greys that were starting to come through.

Firstly I had a consultation with Andy to discuss how best to achieve the style I wanted. I desperately wanted a style that I knew would be difficult to maintain at home due to my unruly hair. Thankfully, Andy talked me out of it, as it would mean spending a long time each day with staighteners to achieve the look.

I have had many disasters with my hair over the years as many hairdressers have finished my hair beautifully but with no thought as to whether or not I could handle the style myself. This was not the case with Andy. He listened to my concerns
and came up with a solution. I am thrilled with the results. Now I have the choice of whether to spend the time with straighteners or just wash and go, leaving my hair naturally curly but still looking good.

The salon is well equipped and very comfortable. I was looked after well with drinks and up to date magazines and a head massage and treatment left my hair looking ultra shiny and manageable. Andy is passionate about hair and has a great understanding of the science behind it. He certainly came up with the right solution for me. I live in England and find the salons of quality there very expensive in comparison to E.G.O. I can't wait till my next trip to Competa and booking my next appointment.

Janice from Sedella
I must congratulate Mel and Andy on the best hairstyle I've had in a long time. I am in my 50's so I find hairdressers don't believe me when I say I want a zany hairstyle and vibrant colour, they see my age not my personality. Andy, on the other hand, said “awesome!” when I said I wanted him to be creative. He didn't go too wild or make me look like mutton dressed as lamb but gave me a style and colour that suites my age AND personality. The treatments cost a little extra but are worth it as it came with the best head massage I've ever had.

The salon is relaxed and friendly and filled with laughter. I was offered a variety of drinks from water to wine making my visit more than just a miraculous transformation in the hair department but a fun experience too.


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