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ImageThe summer has arrived and so my shoes have now been swapped for sandles and almost within a few days of the warmer weather, walking round the house in bare feet and going in and out of the pool, I have noticed my feet look cracked and dry. Usually I try and ignore my feet. If I am lucky enough to get the time in the shower I make a small effort to remove the dry skin with a pumice stone. I don’t know if Trina from Tin Tin in Competa noticed the state of my feet or was simply selling  me the Salon services,  either way she suggested a manicure and pedicure would be a nice thing for me to have done while I was in the salon having my usual haircut. I agreed and booked an appointment. Although, I have my hair cut and highlighted at the salon which I am always pleased with, it has never occurred to me to have any else done. Tin Tin is both a hair and beauty Salon with Trina doing most of the cuts and colours and Cassie performing most of the beauty treatments from waxing, eye lash tints, manicures, pedicures and massages. Sylvia also comes in a couple times a week to perform the Bowen Technique.

Trina is Danish and has been in Competa for years and speaks both perfect English and Spanish. Cassie is English but has been brought up in Spain and so speaks both languages fluently too. The Salons customers are a mixture of nationalities with the Spanish often coming to Trina once a week, every week and have done for the last eight years from when she opened. Anyway back to me I didn’t prepare for either treatment my feet were as normal and my nails were bitten! For the manicure and pedicure Cassie took me to the beauty room on the side of the salon. She filled up a foot spa with warm water which I put my feet into.  I relaxed as the foot spa vibrated giving my feet a great massage. After a while one foot was taken out then the other where  a lot of rubbing, scraping and clipping was done, what a transformation! My feet were feeling smooth and neat ,I could tell the difference immediately. Cassie applied a moisturiser and gave a relaxing foot massage at the end. Once my feet and nails were smooth and looked good cassie applied nail polish of my choice. The result of this to me was fantastic as I can never do it myself neatly  but with Cassie each nail was perfect.

While my nail polish on my feet dried Cassie started and my hands

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