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The single most expensive asset for most of us is our home. You can have the option to sell your property privately, however many people do not realise they can sell this way.

75% of buyers are using the internet to find their dream home here in Spain. To sell privately with, you have just one fee to pay. There is no commission, nothing to pay on completion of the sale of your house, no hidden costs no added extras. The advertising of your property is until sold.

Selling with does not affect any of your agreements with other estate agents, continue to use them! However to sell your property privately with Connect Direct could save you thousands in commission. You will be in control. You will eliminate the expensive estate agency fees, and you keep 100% of the money from the sale of your house.

Keep on using your agent- that is not a problem. However with Connect Direct if we introduce your buyer directly through the web site you will have no commission to pay. We are not an estate agency we are an advertising company. We have an experienced team of property sales and marketing personnel. So let us advertise ....and you sell your property, after all you really are the best person to sell your property nobody knows it like you.

Every day potential buyers are searching the internet for their dream home. This is the easiest way for buyers to find a property of their dreams and that property could be yours. All estate agents know that the internet is the way to sell your property, but you pay for it!

Yes we will be there to help you every step of the way, whether you are selling or buying we have an experienced sales support team. Your home was your investment; we want you to keep the money from your investment.
Have the opportunity to pay no commission and take control when selling your home with

For the buyer with properties advertised can be as much as between 5 and 7.5% cheaper than with an estate agent because vendors can afford to advertise their property without the added cost of an estate agents commission. You can deal face to face with the vendor and get to know all you want from the person that knows best..... The owner.
Both vendor and buyer get to negotiate a real price. You really don´t have to pay more than you really need to sell or buy your home in the sun.
Buying and selling just got easier and cheaper.
Sell and buy your home in Spain with

We at Connect Direct believe is the future to selling property and we are serious about it so we hope you are. Be empowered, be in control, be proactive, be bold and be seen to be sold, join us at

Register on our website, contact us by email or phone. We are looking forward to saving you thousands.

Friday 20th June, 10.30- 4pm.
Please come and meet members of of the Connect Direct team, have a glass of wine and take the opportunity to veiw 6 apartments in the beautiful village of Alcaucin. Prices from 119.500 to 189.900 all furnished. Also stunning villa 425,000 4 beds 3 bathrooms with 1-2 bed apartment and pool and walking distance to National Park. Please ring for directions, we look forward to meeting you.

Donna Fallon, Connect Direct

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