Adios al Brasero


You may have seen them? For centuries it has been the quintessetial heat source in Andalusian homes. The womenfolk huddled around the table, occupied with needlework, the coal fired brassero underneath, and the thick table cloth covering the knees.  Good for warming the feet but little else. Popular, though, because compared with the open, log-eating fireplace, the energy consumption was kept at a minimum.  

Nowadays most braseros are electric, or have been replaced by different types of radiators and many of the open fireplaces have been boxed in or have given way to wood burning stoves.

Moving into the winter months the time has come to consider 21st century alternatives for heating. At Tecnicas Maro we receive many enquiries such as  “What can we do to bring down the electricity bill in winter?”  Or “We are using so much firewood and it costs a fortune...”

A number of our costumers are now looking beyond the conventional gas or oil fired central heating, with its radiators, boiler room arrangement etc. Comfort and energy saving are keywords, and many wants to use renewable energy sources if at all possible.  What are the options?

Air conditioning
Heating and cooling provided through split, multi-split or the latest VRV-inverter technology may be the solution for people who want quick and easy installation.

Surround comfort - gentle heating and soft cooling.
Those at the design stage who do not like the idea of heating and cooling by air streams from fixed points may wish to consider under-floor systems. These deliver an evenly distributed heat and offer unobtrusive installation. They can be powered by solar, biomass or whatever heat source is available. If using a heat pump the circuits may also be used for cooling in the summer months.
However, where under-floor heating is not a viable option, a similar technology will create radiant heating and cooling from the walls and /or ceilings. This concept provides combined heating, cooling AND insulation, keeping running costs to a minimum.

Other options e.g SolarCombi, Biomass Boilers, SolarVenti Systems etc. will be dealt with in the January issue

The Tecnicas Maro Team wishes you all a nice, warm and cosy Christmas

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