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Image Fiona and Debbie opened up a new clothes Shop in the main Plaza of Cómpeta this month. They are selling men and women’s clothes, accessories and baby clothes all from “The Earth Collection” range.

Initially when Debbie and Fiona explained to me what they were doing and where the clothes came from, I thought they would be a little bit ethnic or hippy for me. However, when I was shown the brochure of what was to be ordered for the shop, I was pleasantly surprised. The clothes are stylish, well-made, classic, and fashionable, and I definitely have my eye on some of the tops and skirts for the summer! My next thought was looks expensive – but to my surprise tops are being sold for as little as 10 Euros and you can buy a whole outfit for around 30 Euros.

The Earth Collection Company started in 1993 based on the idea of  producing environmentally friendly T-shirts. Over the years this has developed into a major brand name, producing and selling a wide range of products, made with the basic philosophy of respect for the environment we live in, and for the people we work with.

The Earth Collection has had enormous success not only due to the environmental issues they value, but also because the clothes and accessories are attractive to wear, good value for money, natural classic designs and last, but not least, because by wearing The Earth Collection you show that you care.

For each phase of production, there are specific instructions on what is allowed to be used.  Only natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, hemp and ramie, and natural materials and accessories (e.g. coconut and bamboo buttons) are used in The Earth Collection products. Only synthetic thread is used for sewing as cotton thread is not durable enough.

All hangtags and cartons are made from recycled paper, the plastic packaging is also recyclable, and the inks on hang tags and labels are water based.

Leftover fabrics from productions are re-used wherever possible. For instance these fabrics are used to make the Rag Bag and Purse which was introduced in the summer of 2003, and it is the intention to constantly develop new items in this manner.

To sum up The Earth collection use materials and methods that has the least impact on the environment. They try to make sure that everyone involved in the production is well treated, which means that no child or prison labour is used in the production of The Earth Collection products.
If you are looking for something for that special occasion or just want some new beach wear, drop by The Earth Collection Shop in the Plaza in Cómpeta. I am sure you won’t leave empty handed!

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