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The Auction Platform is a new Online Auctions site and Marketplace created for expats and second home owners who want to buy and sell locally in Spain. We all like to bag a bargain at on online auction site but in Spain it can be difficult to use sites that do not operate in English, and it may not be practical to bid on items in the UK as it is difficult to view the item before you part with your hard earned cash and it can cost so much to ship the items to Spain.

To solve this Dan Copeland has launched The Auction Platform . It is an auction site just like e-bay but operates in English even if you are logging in from abroad. Once you have registered The Auction Platform automatically filters buyers / sellers in the same area so you only see the relevant items for sale online. For instance; if you are based in the Costa del Sol and want to buy a new set of golf clubs, you can log in and you will only see the clubs available for sale in your area. This should help you find what you want more quickly.

Dan moved over in 2005 with his wife Noreen and 3 children set the site up. He mentioned ‘we were avid Ebay users in the UK and when we came to Spain we quickly realized it would not be worth buying stuff on ebay uk and paying for them to be shipped over, but for us it was difficult to use the Spanish version of ebay because we were not fluent. The first thing we bought on Spanish e-bay took over 4 months to arrive. After to speaking to a few friends I realized there were other expats in a similar situation, so I thought it would be worth establishing a free to use auction site in English for expats and second home owners.

The site went live in mid April and has had a great response so far. The more people that use it to buy and sell the better it is going to be. It is completely free to use so there is no downside. Log on now – there are loads of categories packed with Bargains…

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