Image Silky soft water,  scale free bathrooms and improvements in your skin – Scale Watcher can bring it all to you.

The Scalewatcher Company of Marbella for the last eight years has brought soft silky water to the Costa del Sol with their patented Scalewatcher water conditioner. The product is compact, computerised and portable. So it can travel with its owner whenever they move house.

The principle is as simple as it is effective; the unit sends out a computerised signal that changes the electrical and physical properties of the molecules within water that form calcium.  The result is scale free water and much kinder feeling on the skin. Baths and basins remain clean; sufferers from dry skin or eczema see rapid improvements. The Scalewatcher is so advanced that it is easy to install, takes nothing out of the water and introduces no additives, its consumes less then five euros worth of energy in a year, it services the whole house and it can be used with any kind of pipe work.

The Scalewatcher Company in Marbella are so convinced their product is the best of its kind they supply every unit with a ten year guarantee.

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