Want to set up a business in Spain? Read how the locals and expats in the Axarquia area have set up their business. Or use this section as a guide as to where to shop, drink or eat.


Sometimes you don't need a big construction job doing, sometimes you just need a chimney building, or a wall constructing a pool cleaned or a garden maintained.  Sometimes you don't need to call a large company just somebody that you trust that can help with those every day or one off needs.  This is exactly what Jaime thought, so he has set up JMS Services. He is certainly not lacking in experience, credibility or knowledge.

Last month I met Jaime properly for the first time. I have known the family for years as Jaime's mum owns Sunset Properties. His whole family, including his grandparents have lived in Competa for over 17 years.  Jaime went to school and college in Spain, he speaks fluent Spanish and for the last 10 years he has had a varied work experience. He has worked for two of the major construction companies in Competa and also spent 18 months helping his step-dad build their own home which required lots of demolition and rebuilding. He spent 2 years working for a coastal company as a Maintenance Manager.  Now it's time to work for himself. Over the last 10 years he has built up both experience and contacts with reliable plumbers, electricians and builders and feels fully equipped to offer a full maintenance service for all you home and everyday needs.

Denise his mum already passes on work from her clients she has met through her company Sunset Properties and he has already become quite an asset to his non- Spanish speaking customers. Jamie can organise and sort a problem quickly, help arrange car ITVs, talk to car garages about work being done and help with translation and organisation of Insurance claims. 


Creative Property Marketing are a well-established advertising agency, specialising in private property sales.  The business is based just inland from Malaga city and help owners sell their properties all over Spain (to include the islands).  It provides sellers with a cost effective and very successful way to sell their home – finding buyers that, historically would be challenging to find.

Creative Property Marketing is a registered Spanish SL and Sarah and David Rick, the owners of the company, help hundreds of sellers at any one time to sell their homes privately.  The advertising reaches an audience of millions around the world, 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year, with the advertising campaign running for 12 months. 

This approach to selling Spanish property may be rather unique but this does not mean it is complicated – quite the opposite!  The sellers provide photographs via email or send through a memory stick by post, the sellers answer questions about their home, a superb property description is produced for them (with sellers having the opportunity to proof read and ask for changes).  Then the description/advert with up to 40 photographs is loaded onto the world's leading property sales websites.


Light the corners of my mind. 
Misty water-colored memories, 
Of the way we were...

And as Barbra Streisand's song continues, our memories can feel like a collection of scattered pictures, as though we've upended a shoe-box full of old photos, some labelled, some not. Was this one from that holiday in Pembrokeshire when you were six, the time you got stung by a wasp and the car broke down? And this one, was it Nana and Grandad's ruby


All foreigners residing in Spain who are currently receiving a pension for services rendered, (whether a public or private pension), from their countries of origin, should declare this income in their tax declaration form in the monetary compensation section under income from work, only of course when they are obliged to file an income tax return form. 

It is important to note that all tax residents in Spain must declare their total personal global income for taxation


This month I had the pleasure of meeting Feroza and Graham who have opened up a beautiful boutique Bed and Breakfast in Competa. It is located in the corner of the main Plaza (next door to the tobacconist) hence why they have called it the Almijara Residence. The building was originally a narrow and tall town house in need of substantial renovation. They had the vision to create a 5 roomed bed and breakfast with a reception the ground floor and a roof top bar with views over the

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