Campo Cuttings with Lorraine Cavanah

  Lorraine Cavanagh is the author of 'Mediterranean Garden Plants' the best selling Mediterranean gardening book on the Spanish Costa's. Lorraine's garden centre 'Viveros Florena' is on the Algarrobo/Competa Road at km 15.  Lorraine writes a monthly column for The Grapevine providing advice and an insight into gardening in the Axarquia.

The Palm Beetle by Lorraine Cavanagh


This rather handsome looking fellow is enough to send a shiver down the spine of any well brought up palm tree. The rhynchophorus ferrugineos, picudo rojo in Spanish or palm beetle in plain language has had a lot of press over the last couple of years

But as it is now chomping its way through our Cómpeta palm trees, I’d like to tell you more about this devastating beetle and the latest ideas on treatment and, perhaps, more importantly – prevention. 

Perfectly Potty by Lorraine Cavanagh

Many of you have asked me for an article on the care of pots.For those of you with roof terraces, balconies or even just a few windowsills they can become wonderful mini gardens.

The restrictions of these small places can be turned to advantage as they often have some shade and the range of possible plantings is therefore increased and don’t forget that other dimension – upward!


Thinking Trees


September is traditionally the month when things start to cool down a little and it’s also the start of the prime time for tree planting. The soil is still warm but night time temperatures, particularly, start to drop and there is some humidity in the air and early morning dews.

We can start to look forward to the first autumn/winter rains. These are good planting conditions, ones in which roots settle in quickly and can take best advantage of every drop of rain. Thus, by next summer

Campo Cuttings

Image by Lorraine Cavanagh
March Winds and April Showers have certainly been the order of things recently and us ‘mountain dwellers’ usually suffer the worst of the wind. It’s one of the penalties we pay for seeking out those breath-taking views. It’s not only the view that takes your breath away but the wind too, at times!

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