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Image The Grump Old Women tells us how she sees it when shopping and more precisely in supermarkets! 

I know that most of us can remember when the local shopkeeper knew each of us by name; had known our granddad; went to school with your Mum; always remembered which tea she bought and tried hard to forget what happen in the park 18 years ago….

Well, it's different now. We have Supermarkets. We are particularly blessed with them around here cos we don't have to drive miles out of town to get to them. Down to the coast, turn right before the brothels and there they are!

That to which I wish to draw your attention (Oh! The Syntax! The Grammar! The Bliss!) is the fact that the folks on the checkout are human beings too. I am weary of seeing a line of shuffling, miserable customers either totally ignoring these hard working people or at best- grunting at them in some kind of belligerent, guttural Esperanto!

 “It costs nothing to be polite!” Now, where did I hear that every week of my childhood?  Well, it's still true. Try a tentative “Holá!” (said with a smile…you remember a smile  like wind without the discomfort…?) and see what a difference that can make to Dolores, or Carmen or María.

And for hells sake  do not just stand there whilst she checks all your items through so that they congregate in jumbled heaps at the end of the belt whilst you don't even try to pack any away or even begin to ponder on one of Life's Great Mysteries  that of Where Did You Put Your Wallet/Purse?!!
Those chaps behind you, wearing the Telefonica trousers, are clutching their breakfast bread and ham! They are not anxious to talk amongst themselves whilst you gaze off into space, ruminating on how the world aint what it used to be…..
Move it Mate! Move it!

And do give some thought to the environment and stop using so many plastic bags. The world is moving on again plastic bags are being banned all across the globe. Supermarkets are offering cheap, reusable bags. Do us all a favour, pop the bags in the car boot, throw your checked items back into your trolley, (spare us the sight of you slooooowly placing items into your plastic bags; wheel your trolley to your car, fill up your environmentally friendly bags in the aforementioned boot, take the trolley back and Go Home E.T.!

You will sense a diminution of Hateful Vibes aimed at you by those behind and around you……

Alternatively, go to the village and shop locally…..

Jane Kirk - Competa

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