Grumpy Old Women

Jane Kirk of Competa writes of the pleasures of growing old gracefully and how to be a typical GRUMPY OLD WOMAN aka G.O.W.

Gow - Where Have They Gone?

Image The Grumpy Old Women takes a trip back in time to recount good old memories. 

Gow - Folks In Supermarkets

Image The Grump Old Women tells us how she sees it when shopping and more precisely in supermarkets! 

GOW Top Ten



Well, let's consider my all time Top-Ten Things that infuriate me! I refer, of course, to all things associated with Bedding!

Right up there, - alongside those devil-spawned giant toilet-paper dispensers that turn sensible women into broken-nailed, scrabbling, damp groined, demented and slavering fools is The Duvet Cover!!
Oh that damned giant bag! It turns me into a clenched-jawed bag! And you don't need Perfect Housewife Anthea Turner, (just what exactly is her talent

What is a GOW



What’s a GOW? Where have you been? You are positively Nobody if you are female, of a certain “interesting” age and don’t know what a GOW is! O.K. – Grumpy Old Woman!
Now - don’t “phone a friend”, just figure out what a GOM is…… Ah, you’re with me!
So, let’s take a canter with my GOW recommendations – you can send me yours later – this is my idea!

In this world, there are Nouns (names of things)

GOW on Appliances & Gadgets



The Grumpy old woman is still moaning, this time about appliances and electrics!

Why Appliances and Gadgets? Well, we all have at least one appliance in the home. We can all look back fondly (how selective is Memory??) on the oven with the ONE setting, the washing machine with only the MANUAL setting and the special water container (for water to make a cup of tea or Dad's shave) that we used to place upon a heat source until it boiled. I think that was a real kettle. Not an electric

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