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General interest articles for the Axarquia area, from Bull Fighting to a Malaga C.F football match. All providing an insight as to what the Axarquia has to offer.

Be aware, be very aware

Alick Howard

Be careful with whom you agree to go out with for a quiet Sunday lunch, it can land you in a lot of trouble

Inviting Mr and Mrs Twiselton (Grapevine) out to La Peña one Sunday along with two other friends, Jenny and Steve (, resulted in a few more beers than intended and as we finished watching Usain Bolt in his record breaking 100 metres on the bar's TV, the talk moved onto running. My wife, Debbie, mentioned she always fancied doing a triathalon with which the reply



  The true tale of a challenge that maybe just went a little too far ?


We live in the pretty village of Canillas de Albaida and look towards the very impressive Mt Maroma and all its stunning scenery. It is to here that my brother and his wife recently came to stay for a week for the first time since we have lived here in 5 and a half years.
My brother , who has just turned 55 and recently retired from the Fire Service has always been keen on keeping fit and into nature

The Grapevine 10K Challenge

The 10k six!

We were now over half-way through our training for the Málaga 10K or were we? The running for the “10K Five” (Steve and Helen Twiselton {Grapevine}, Debbie and I {Todo Papel}and Jenny {Misterweb}) was going well but we were running blind. No I don't mean with white sticks or guide dogs but we still had no solid confirmation as to exactly when the race was to take place. Was this all a futile exercise? We had nominated a worthy cause for which to raise money but needed a

The Bluffers Guide to liiving in an inland village on the Costa del Sol

This tongue-in-cheek guide is aimed at anybody considering moving to, or has just moved to an inland village in southern Spain. As living inland is different to the life on the coast this guide should be useful to understand our way of life.

Here are some phrases you may hear and there true meanings.

“We are going to the coast”
This means “we are going shopping to Lidl”. The first rule of shopping at Lidl is that you must only tell your really close friends you shop there

First Impressions of Competa

Winding through the circuitous mountain route we headed for Competa, a beautiful white village tumbling down the hillside. The song of the skylark could be heard and eagles circled lazily above, flowers adorned the mountainside and our cares and worries receded as we entered this Spanish heaven. 'Casa Rosa' was our home for the week, where we stayed with friends Brian and Jill. The villa was a refuge of peace and quiet, and always a pleasure to come back to after a hard day's sight

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