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General interest articles for the Axarquia area, from Bull Fighting to a Malaga C.F football match. All providing an insight as to what the Axarquia has to offer.

2010 International Year of Biodiversity


The United Nations have declared this year the International Year of Biodiversity and many of you may wonder what exactly that is, its aims and what we – as humans and gardeners - should be doing to help.

The disappearance of species is a natural progress which is often called evolution, but it is currently estimated that species of plants and animals are disappearing at one hundred times the “normal” rate. By normal rate we mean based on very long term data, ranging back

Inspeccion Tecnica de Vehiculos


The copper pulls you over and demands papers: you pass him various Permissos and Fichas to frown over. He points at the red “09” sticker on your windscreen. Your “Ee Tay Oo-Bay” (I.T.V.) is out of date. The ITV is the MOT of Spain: not having one gets you fined €130. Your Permisso de Circulacción is also confiscated: the replacement only valid for getting the test done.

Four-year-old+ cars need an annual ITV, and should carry the certificate and display the

The Jovial Geordie


This month the Grapevine Magazine catches up with Spanish based professional darts player Tab Hunter aka"The Jovial Geordie". Tab a former top BDO county player representing Durham, Tyne and Wear, and Northumberland, now lives in Torremolinos, Spain.

He has achieved a lot in the steel tip side of darts but in his first year of soft-tip darts he won
National and Open competitions and also qualified for the Las Vegas World Championships. Even after playing darts for so many years Tab

School Reunion


It all started with a posting on Friends Reunited that they would be knocking down my old school, Joseph Rowntree Comprehensive in New Earswick outside York. They would be marking the passing of a great institution by having an open weekend where ex-pupils could walk round the school and reminisce about times past. I must confess, it sounded interesting but didn't really grab me at first. Then I started to get email messages and Facebook postings from school friends I was still in contact

Darts Mid Season Report


As we reach the mid-season break in the Cómpeta Darts League it's time to update you on the season thus far following the pre-season report in September's issue.

Fortunately, the darts mid-season break coincides with the Christmas and New Year Festivities and unlike most sports this is quite fortunate. Most other sports require you to maintain a level of fitness, which can be difficult during this period when much eating and drinking takes place. For the dedicated darts

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