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General interest articles for the Axarquia area, from Bull Fighting to a Malaga C.F football match. All providing an insight as to what the Axarquia has to offer.

Sweet taste of Success



They are as much a part of life in Spain as paella and flamenco and you see them everywhere.
Enric Bernat realised that when children ate sweets, they got themselves in a sticky mess, causing the parents grief. The solution seemed easy: put the sweet on top of a stick, and so Chupa Chups – or roughly translated, ‘Sucky Sucks’ – were born.

Today the impact of this invention can be seen throughout Spain and beyond. But though the idea has a child-like simplicity

Language and National Self-Esteem



 Recently I heard a story that I would like to share with you. An English man went into a bar in Cómpeta and asked for a beer.

The bartender brought it and, as he put the beer on the counter, he said with a smile “cerveza”. Next day, the same man came into the same bar and again asked for a ”beer”. The bartender did as on the previous day. This incident happened several times until one day the bartender said to the English man ”I already know how

Spotlight on Sedella



The pretty whitewashed village of Sedella is one of a chain of villages situated from, at the one end Cómpeta to at the other end Cannillas de Aceituno and is part of the Ruta del Mudejar (Mudejar Architecture Route).

With a back drop of La Maroma and the Tejeda mountain range this village offers real Spanish life yet is only 30mins drive from the coast at Torre del Mar. The village has history dating back to before 900 and is believed to have had Roman or even Carthaginian

There are no Flies...only Foreigners



“There are no Flies ….. only Foreigners!” By Jim Lovelock and Lorraine Cavanagh.

A meander through the history of Cómpeta, the Axarquia and Andalusia. Tales of foreigners, traditional crafts, a deserted village, silk, snowmen and pirates ….

‘Old timers’ in Cómpeta will already know Jim and Lorraine – between them they clock up 37 years of living here – so who better to put Cómpeta and area to pen and paper?

Jim, now 85

Can't live with em!



You know what it's like. They don't speak Spanish…they'll have lots of luggage: you will pick them up, won't you? You've bought a load of food they like, but they think it would be nice if you ate out with them once or twice…and met them at a café … and had a drink and a tapas or two. “Shall we have a bottle of wine tonight?” means you've thought ahead to buy in some bottles. And surely, you won't mind running them about

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