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General interest articles for the Axarquia area, from Bull Fighting to a Malaga C.F football match. All providing an insight as to what the Axarquia has to offer.

Walk for life 2007

During early 2006, my friends and I were discussing about participating in the “Race for Life” organised by Tesco and Cancer Research UK Ltd.

Sadly all of us had lost family and friends to Cancer. “Race for Life” began in 1994 with one race in Battersea Park, London. Now annually, up to 750,000 women join a “Race for Life” at one of the numerous venues in various cities and towns across the UK. 


Viva el camping!


The summer months are finally here, and the tent is itching to get out. Camping, in my case, with four children, is the only viable option for an affordable, “fun” holiday.

Camping in Spain and England have much in common. Firstly, there is the trauma of packing the car, leaving just about enough room for any passengers and, if you’re lucky, somewhere to put your legs  


The Wonderful Wildlife of Andalucia, Spain


69, 70, 71, 72. I am trying to count the Griffon Vulture's as they glide effortlessly on their 2 metre wingspan over the top of the mountains opposite my home.

Earlier I was checking the damage to our vegetable patch as the wild boars were here again last night and they seem to have taken a shine to my husband's carrots!

I glance up as I hear the screech of a Booted Eagle letting his mate know she has nothing to fear from the carrion eating vultures as their constant circling takes them

Processionary Caterpillars or Pine Caterpillar


As every Spanish child knows, don't even think about handling the hairy caterpillars of the pine processionary moth ( procesionarias in Spanish).

If they are touched, their hairs release an extremely nasty allergic skin reaction. Children have been known to go temporarily blind from rubbing their eyes after picking them up. They live in easily identifiable silvery nests in pine trees throughout Mediterranean Spain.

Forewarned is forearmed and this bug is one definitely worth writing about as

The Change in Spain



John Hooper’s ‘The New Spaniards’ a book review by Rose Jones which looks into the what’s and why’s of Spain now.

What do you know about Spain? A little first hand experience prompts dozens of questions. Why is there so much corruption (if you haven’t heard of any corruption here, check out the current investigations into Marbella council)? Why don’t the Spanish need to sleep? Why are they so incredibly noisy? And why is everyone over forty so

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