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General interest articles for the Axarquia area, from Bull Fighting to a Malaga C.F football match. All providing an insight as to what the Axarquia has to offer.

What an Enchanted Evening


The Côr Merched Cwm Llynfi came to Cómpeta on Friday 5th October.
And how wonderful it was !

Melody Music helps Welsh choirs to take holidays all around the world (at their own expense). Whilst on holiday, they do two concerts free of charge for local charities. Some of the choirs have been as far afield as Argentina and one is going to the Sydney Opera House soon! This time, however, they came to the Costa del Sol where they did a concert on behalf of Cudeca and a second for The

ITV in Spain


The dreaded TLA (three letter acronym) ITV; enough to put the fear into anybody. And it’s not surprising; with shows like Coronation Street, GMTV and Jeremy Kyle…… Actually I am referring to the OTHER dreaded ITV, or to give it its full name the Inspección Técnica de Vehículos – the Spanish version of the MOT.

The 12 months between my last ITV and the last one seemed to fly by. The windscreen sticker with the hole cut-out in the month of October a

Clemente Galeria in Torrox


Well, it’s been a very busy morning, lots of people coming into the Galeria, phone has not stopped ringing and we have just heard our radio commercial will be broadcast on coastline radio from November.1st (Delighted!!). On top of all that we are having a wine tasting evening tonight, the theme being "wines of the world" being hosted by our friend and renowned wine expert Steve Ochman. It is going to be a great evening, we have music being performed by Vick Faulkner from

All Immigrants in this Together


How much should immigrants contribute to (or interfere with) the life of their new country? Big Mouth as usual, has an opinion. I’m infected with foot-in-mouth, dedicated director of Opinions-R-Us, with vast experience of being the Know-it-All, Smarty-Pants of the Party and qualifications as a Specialist Bar-Bore. So here’s what I think.

What’s the issue? Immigrants, huh? What a nuisance. Should they work and steal the residents’ jobs, or not be allowed to work and live

Picnic at Fabrica de la Luz Canillas de Albaida


La Fabrica de la Luz (the light factory) does not sound like the perfect spot for a picnic. Nevertheless, this little corner of the Sierras, just 5 minutes drive from Canillas de Albaida, is a lovely spot to stop and spend an afternoon.

Set just inside the National Park it is near the ruin of an old factory or workshop, the walls of which are now only a few feet high, and the floor is a weedy field of wildflowers.

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