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General interest articles for the Axarquia area, from Bull Fighting to a Malaga C.F football match. All providing an insight as to what the Axarquia has to offer.


Kitchen, Bathrooms and the Urge to Kill

Whenever we have moved house, we have invariably installed a new kitchen and new bathrooms and Spain was no exception. I may have rebelled against this female fetish in the past (always unsuccessfully) but, although the house is well designed and well built, the kitchen and bathrooms were in a period style that can only be described as 'early Hitler' and so, on this occasion, I wholeheartedly agreed that refurbishment was priority number one.


Over fifties show


Following the 'huge success' of last year's inaugural event, the organisers of The Over 50s Show, the lifestyle event for seniors, claim that the 2008 event in Estepona this November will be 'bigger and better, and packed with many new features'. The inaugural Over 50s Show , attracted over 70 exhibitors and 5,500 visitors in 2007. The show, aimed at the Coast's seniors, offers a varied programme of displays, demonstrations and

Reality TV in Spain

Reality TV? Oh come on. It's about as 'real' as politician's honesty. Sure the candidates don't follow a script, but they know the score (or at least they think they do) and they are carefully handpicked to be the sort of oddball wannabes that will make the whole audience feel better about themselves by contrast.
Reality TV is a sign of decline. At the dawn of the TV age we demo-ed national service broadcasting: pompous and prescriptive but educational and informative. In

Salvador Dali


Judging the success of an artist is not an easy thing to quantify. Damien Hirst is currently the world's most expensive living artist at the end of 2007; but he could walk into this room now and I would not recognise him. In fact, if he did walk in the room now I would be most shocked as I am typing this sitting on the toilet. Tranquilo dear reader; I jest! Surely one of the most instantly recognisable artists is also one of Spain's most famous sons; Salvador Domingo Felipe

Stiletto Gig in Competa

Stiletto Gig in the Alley Cat Bar, Competa

Saturday 10th May saw the first solo gig of hot new Competa band 'Stiletto' in the Alley Cat bar in Competa. They had played the previous week in La Roca in the town as part of a rock extravaganza with the popular Miguelito, who has returned from Germany for a few weeks after a long absence.

Licensing constraints meant that they had to finish at 12.30 at the latest, so had to begin the night at 10.00 pm, which is practically early morning in

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