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General interest articles for the Axarquia area, from Bull Fighting to a Malaga C.F football match. All providing an insight as to what the Axarquia has to offer.

Race For Life


Competa to Canillas de Albaida

For the third year running, another very successful sponsored walk occurred to raise funds for the in –patient department of the hospice, Fundacion Cudeca.

This year, thirty walkers including support from actress Julie Peasgood, together with four dogs walked from Competa to Canillas de Albaida and raised an incredible euros 5200. En route one group of lady walkers shaking their Cudeca money tins joined a tourist bus who were just disembarking in Competa

Salvador Dalí

Salvador DaliJudging the success of an artist is not an easy thing to quantify. Damien Hirst is currently the world’s most expensive living artist at the end of 2007; but he could walk into this room now and I would not recognise him. In fact, if he did walk in the room now I would be most shocked as I am typing this sitting on the toilet. Tranquilo dear reader; I jest! Surely one of the most instantly recognisable artists is also one of Spain’s most famous sons; Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, or simply Salvador Dalí.

Sunshine, Clouds and Silver Linings - 4

Episode 4  -  The Ambulance, the Hospital and the Jacaranda Tree 

ImageIt was during the latter part of May 2007, some three months after arriving in Spain and smack in the middle of our bathroom renovation project that my stomach decided to have a massive haemorrhage at 7 o’clock in the morning. There is no need to go into the gory details, but I did manage to change our bathroom into an abattoir in a matter of seconds and it was blatantly clear to Sue that I needed to go to hospital immediately. 

The Hospedería El Ventorro

ImageMAY 27TH IS MY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. Sorry to share that with you but I have a cunning plan; due to my inability to remember my anniversary I thought that I could look up this edition of the Grapevine from my complete collection of Grapevine magazines therefore never needing to remember it again. Why is it that I cannot remember it? Actually, I think I do know it, but my wife has the habit of turning to me at a dinner party and asking “when is our wedding anniversary?” at which point all other conversations stop, all eyes are on me, I panic and…’s gone.

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