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General interest articles for the Axarquia area, from Bull Fighting to a Malaga C.F football match. All providing an insight as to what the Axarquia has to offer.

Cirque du Soleil



Telling people that I had just been to see Cirque du Soleil in Malaga without exception elicited two responses; those who had not seen a Cirque du Soleil show before answered that they do not like circuses. Those that had, said “how (insert suitable expletive here) good are they?”

The answer to that question, having seen the latest show in Malaga called Quidam, is absolutely superb. Some good friends of ours Steve and Mike saw the previous touring show to come to Malaga

Competa Football Tournament


This time last year we lost five on the bounce! So have The Grapevine F.C impoved?

After the excitement of our end of season victory it was time for our equivalent of the European Championships as the Cómpeta 7-a-side kicked off. Like all top pros, we had been in pre-season training during the month of June as we had continued with our Wednesday evening sessions at the Campo de Fútbol followed by a few pints in a local bar.

I turned up at the group stage draw at the Campo de

Casa la Mina Race for Life


Competa - Casa la Mina

Sunday, June 1st and finally the sun shone. A small trickle of walkers began to arrive and register for the second Race 4 Life Cómpeta in aid of Fundación Cudeca. The trickle soon turned into a torrent and before long 143 people had registered and began to snake their way along the 5km walk up through the Parque National and on to Casa la Mina. There was a real sense of a fiesta, toddlers in pushchairs, small children drinking in the natural beauty and

Drive Thru


Big mouth has an opinion (or several) on speeding fines (and parking fines and petrol taxes...).This time, though, he doesn't seem quite able to make his mind up which side he is on..

I was only doing 35! And, yes, it's a built up area, but this was at 1.05am, so there weren't many kids about. And it was an unmarked police car. Why don't they stop wasting our time and money, and catch the real criminals?

It's inescapable: I drive, you drive, he drives, she drives. The

La Maternidad

Pregnancy Care in the Axarquia

This isn't a pregnancy diary. It isn't an hilarious account of cravings, nor of driving down the mountain in labour. But I've now been through two pregnancies via the Málaga healthcare system and so can review the system. If you are pregnant in Andalusia, what should you do? Should you look up the Spanish for 'birthing pool', check the private clinics in Marbella, or head for the airport?

First the good news. Málaga's medical

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