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General interest articles for the Axarquia area, from Bull Fighting to a Malaga C.F football match. All providing an insight as to what the Axarquia has to offer.




A recently compiled web site – – features at least 23 practising artists/craftsmen living in and around this beautiful mountain pueblo. The pueblo already had a rich heritage of folk music, dance, song; embroidery and lace-making with craftsmen working in wood, metal, ceramics and country crafts. It is a village of young people too, with many weddings, baptisms, first communicants. There are children everywhere. The whole place throbs with life.

Little wonder

Competa Junior Football Gets the Go Ahead


Some of you may remember our regular reports regarding the ex-pat football night that kicked off last year. The night proved to be very popular with both boys and girls alike. FA Football Coach Phil McEvoy received a huge boost this summer when he was asked to take on the Cómpeta Junior Teams for the coming season.

This means there will be some changes to times, days and the ages involved, although final details aren't yet known. One thing will remain the same though, and that's

Visitors the Agony and the Ecstasy

Sunshine, Clouds and Silver Linings

Episode 6  -  Visitors (the Agony and the Ecstasy)

For a reason I cannot fathom out, Sue and myself have become unbelievably popular since arriving in Spain. Our popularity rating, whilst living in the UK, hovered around three on the Richter Scale, but since February 2007 this has risen to ten and as a consequence I drive to Malaga Airport more often than all local taxi drivers combined in order to collect family and friends from all over the world

Hello to Andalucia Part six

Hello to Andalucia Part 6
How a poor, befuddled Englishman has begun to build a new life in Spain.
By Glenn Stuart.

The children dutifully traipsed in, eager voices lowered in anticipation of what was to happen. Big, round eyes looked up at me. Beautiful, flaxen haired girls, like miniature flemenco dancers, boys already exhibiting those Spanish good looks. There was a buzz of excitement which you could almost reach out and hold, and as I settled them down on the classroom carpet, they sat in

A little ray of sunshine amidst the doom and gloom



Depressing isn't it? Life at the moment seems to be bad news wherever you look – the news on TV, headlines in the newspapers or phone-ins on the radio are all discussing bad news. It doesn't matter if you live in the UK, the US or Europe – there is a pretty good chance that things look pretty depressing at the moment.

First off there's the Credit Crunch, now we hear that property prices are falling across the board, fuel, utility costs and food prices are all going

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