As part of its Cultural week, the Ayuntamiento of Canillas de Albaida proudly presents the Sixth Multi-cultural Night of Music to be held in the Plaza (main square) in Canillas de Albaida on Sunday 8th October. Admission to the event is free but there will be opportunities to donate to Action for Animals local charity.

The first artists to perform will be local band Jukebox Bandits, with its new and full lineup comprising of Rod Jones on keyboards, Ian Hayton on bass, acoustic guitar & vocals, Marshall Dixon on drums, Ken Peacock on flute and saxophone & Mitch France on acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, banjo & vocals.
Jukebox Bandits will then be joined by Simon Allum from British band Tuppeny Blue who will play a selection of his own very unique songs. 

British recording artist David Neil will then perform with his band (Simon Williams on bass and Marshall Dixon on drums) and play a mix of standards and some of his own songs.

Next up will be Andalusian Ceili Bandits, led by French piper Jerome Hippolyte who will play a selection of Irish and Galician music on a variety of acoustic instruments. They consist of Jerome on bagpipes and whistles, Juan Alberto from Spain on mandolin and banjo, John from Ireland on fiddle and guitar and Meigan, who is from Wales and is the singer.

Spanish duo Betty Loop comprising of Erika Vinylo and Angel Ariza perform next, and as their name suggests Angel is a master of the loop machine both for percussion and guitar (made famous by Ed Sheeran) and Erika plays ukulele and is the lead singer. 

Jukebox Bandits and friends will round the night off with a set of music to dance to kicking off with a selection of Rolling Stones songs sung by local Dutchman Kees de Leeuw (with all the actions!). 
This unique multi-cultural night of music had been a huge success in previous years, please come along and make sure it is just as successful again this year.
Please gives generously to our local charity, Action for Animals to help our furry friends in need.
For Youtube footage previous concerts, key in "Canillas de Albaida Multicultural night".

Canillas MultiCultural Concert Progamme 
Sunday Oct 8 2017

7.30-8.00: Jukebox Bandits

8.00-8.30: Simon Allum & Jukebox Bandits

8.45-9.30: David Neil Band

9.45-10.30: Andalusian Ceili Bandits

10.45-11.30: Betty Loop

11.45 - 12.45: Jukebox Bandits, Kaas de Leeuw & friends

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