The 2nd International Art Symposium LUZ will soon take place! The concept of the symposium is to bring artists together. Professional, experienced and talented artists from all over the world are selected, from either a painting, sculpting or drawing background. The Artists will have the chance to make new contacts, be inspired, and possibly develop themselves further. They will also of course get the opportunity to enjoy the rich Spanish culture. The event will be open to the public. The Symposium will open on Monday October 17th. at 11am. There will be a welcome ceremony for the artists with each of them giving a brief talk about their art. Ten artists will participate, from the countries of; Poland, Denmark, Belgium, Spain, Belarus, Armenia and the Netherlands. If all goes as planned also artists from Azerbaijan and India. In fact the week begins on Saturday the 15th October when the artists first arrive. Sunday 16th is an excursion day in cultural Malaga. From Monday the 17th to Friday the 21st, they are at work in public areas in the centre of Competa; the Salon de Actos, 'Casa la Fabula', the home of Danish artist Eva Joensen and the gallery garden. Villagers, art lovers and tourists can come and observe the process of creation. The artists are working in their own particular style, with spontaneity, originality and creativity. The great thing about this event, is that people can meet the artist in person. The event will help to gain insight into the life of an artist and the process of creating art. Lieuwke Loth runs the gallery and is an artist herself. Unable to contain her enthusiasm for art events she decided to fully invest her energy into forming this gathering of creative minds. She is now the organizer of the LUZ symposium, the Art Days and Artwalks. Lieuwke herself has experienced how enriching a symposium can be. She discovered that finding inspiration, energy, joy and good artist-friendships is an invaluable thing. This created a strong desire to offer this same enrichment to her colleagues in Spain. On the morning of Monday 17th, Bronzecaster Daan van Neerven will give a brief explanation of the casting process and techniques. He will come all the way from Holland to give a bronze casting course and show the process of bronze casting. The course will be teaching the techniques to cast small bronze statues. He will be working at Casa La Fabula, Eva Joensens studio. For more information about participating in the course, daily schedule and times of casting: check the gallery website or facebookpage. Lieuwke Loth is a sculptor and will prepare wax models to be cast during the week. Her bronzes can be seen on the website: and of course in the gallery Luz de la Vida! At the end of the week all pieces of art will be collected and we'll make a nice art exhibition of it all. The inauguration of the exhibition is on Saturday the 22nd October at 12pm in the Galeria Luz de la Vida. You are welcome to celebrate the outcome of a week full of creativity together with the artists! The exhibition will be open on Sunday the 23rd, and then according to the opening hours until the end of November. A number of works will be on sale during the exhibition so for anyone looking for a unique, good quality, piece of art come along! If you like this kind of event you can support it by purchasing art. Art Symposium LUZ will be organized by Galeria Luz de la Vida/ Lieuwke Loth. Everyone is welcome to come to this very special event! The village is worth a visit - plenty of nice bars and restaurants whilst also being surrounded by beautiful nature. For more information and for updates and see the program on: or

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