What is Purple Day? It is a day designed to promote a greater understanding of epilepsy on a global scale and to help reduce the stigma attached to epilepsy.

There are about 600,000 sufferers in the UK and almost as many sufferers in Spain. Nearly 3000 deaths occur as a result of epilepsy each year.

Charities such as Epilepsy Action and Sudden and Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP), work to improve the lives of sufferers, and donations go to research for a greater understanding of the condition, and the prevention of Sudden and Unexpected Death in Epilepsy.

On the 27th March at 8pm there will be a fund raising concert held at Bar Vendimia, Competa in order to raise funds for the above mentioned charities. Some of you may remember our “Cava and Cake” and Open Garden event last year. This raised a staggering 643 euros.

On a previous occasion people generously donated to help our daughter Georgia raise money in support of her Open Water Swim in Lake Windemere, swimming in memory of her brother who died as a result of epilepsy. This raised a fantastic 420 euros.

We look forward to seeing you at Bar Vendimia when the singing group 'The Purple Poppers' and various solo artists will present an enjoyable, light hearted concert.

Join in the fun and WEAR SOMETHING PURPLE !

Greg and Carol Starr

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