This month we're very sad to be saying goodbye to one of our highly valued and hugely loved volunteers, Beth Mcavoy, as she leaves Spain to return to the UK.

Beth has been a member of our team from the beginning and over the years we've lost count of how many new born abandoned kittens and puppies she's hand-reared to become healthy young adults, ready for their new homes. She has worked tirelessly and selflessly to lovingly nurture each and every one of them, spending countless sleepless nights carrying out bottle feeds every 3 to 4 hours, dedicating herself to the task at hand. And she's still managed to turn up for work at the charity shop the next day, kittens and puppies in tow so they don't have to miss one of their vital feeds.
Her artistic and organisational skills are truly outstanding and have been invaluable to us each year at our annual Scruffs Dog Show. Who else could make a fortune-teller's tent from a beach parasol and a pile of old curtains? Or a brilliant banner from a plastic tablecloth and a pot of paint?

In addition to all this, Beth has worked as a volunteer in our charity shop since it first opened and has been instrumental in making it the success it is today.

As a tribute to Beth and her magnificent work, we'd like to show just a few of the little lives she's saved over the years. We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we've enjoyed working with Beth and we'd like to wish her all the happiness she deserves in her new life back in the UK.

Thank you Beth, from everyone at Action for Animals, for being such a fantastic part of our team and from all the animals who owe you their lives. We're all going to miss you enormously.

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