One Voice and CoraXalia treated Competa to an amazing evening of sacred choral music last month under the direction of Spanish Tenor Eusebio Pita. The show was held in the church with a perfect acoustic for such an event and was packed.

One voice opened proceedings and under the new direction of Eusebio I can only say they have entered a different league, giving an almost flawless performance, starting with an enchanting rendition of Psalm 23. The balance and clear diction between the members of One Voice was exceptional.

CoraXalia held the next section brilliantly with a beautiful arrangement of Ave Verum by William Byrd.

Eusebio Pita offered a solo of Ave Maria by Charles Gounod, which was incredible. His tembre was perfect and the power of his voice filled every inch of the venue. He received a richly deserved standing ovation for his performance.

For me the highlight of the show was when the two choirs came together for a spectacular finale. The different vocal sections of the choir were crystal clear and the harmony they achieved brought many goose bumps out amongst the audience! Entrances and finishes were perfect across the whole ensemble. They included a virtuoso performance of Bogoroditse Devo by Sergei Rachmaninov. Tom Robinson provided reliable piano support, though I have to say that the electronic keyboard can never do justice in such an environment. With singers of this quality we should seriously consider getting a good baby grand piano installed in the church. The audience response was rapturous and all monies raised go to CARITAS, supporting people locally. Well done to the organisers, more please soon.


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