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Nearly five years of running a business in Competa meant it was time to catch up with Debbie and Alick from Todo Papel. In this current climate it is really an achievement to have notched up five years of running a business. Success for them is not only down to a good business idea in the first place but also down to their personalities. They have become a much respected and relied upon couple in the community.

I managed to have a quick chat with Debbie who was brimming with enthusiasm as to what they were up to next! She explained that over the last few years they had been informally helping friends out with managing their villas and pools and keeping an eye on properties whilst people were away and often holding keys for emergencies. Now they wanted to launch this service professionally. Debbie explained that this is what she originally wanted to do when they first came to Spain. The idea was originally to use the paper shop as a front for the property management business in order to provide a face to face service. However, in a new country, running a shop and settling in, it never seemed right to start something new, everything else seemed to take up so much time. So, now settled and well known in the community it was the perfect time to do what they came here to do, albeit 5 years later!!

So now the launch of Todo Casa!
I asked Debbie if there was anything that prompted them into starting the business now. “Yes definitely “she replied “all the rainy weather we have had during the winter has caused so many problems with villas and houses eg mould, leaks etc some of which could have been avoided or rectified more quickly if there was someone looking in on the property regularly whilst the owner was away”, also she added “I think holiday homeowners do not necessarily feel there is a need to have someone managing their property if they don´t rent it out. However, this winter has proved there is a need. If it is your holiday home you want to come out for a holiday not sort out the mould or a broken wall or burst pipes”.

Their shop Todo Papel in Competa is in a central and easy to find location next to the Car Park where they have a regular clientele picking up papers every morning and stopping for a chat. It was often this chat, Alick said, that led to people asking them if they knew anybody who looked after villas or who could sort out a plumber or who could do a changeover at short notice. Often we would recommend people and then after a while we said why we are doing this? It was something we wanted to do ourselves and in fact were doing already for friends!

Debbie and Alick are now formally promoting a Property Management service; they are fully legal, have a website and already have outstanding references and testimonials. They are happy to provide bespoke services as they are fully aware that everybody's needs and requirements are different. Some may require a full package requiring photos taking, description writing, then uploading onto rental websites and managing any rental enquires thereafter. Others may need a regular change over service, pool cleaning or maintenance package and some just a security and well being check for peace of mind. Debbie and Alick have their own apartment and pool which they rent out so they are fully aware and experienced in what looking after both a home and a rental property requires. For a full list of their services take a look on their website If your requirement isn't there pop into Todo Papel in Competa for a chat or give them a call on 628776226 or 610853929.

So, it seems a brand is being created here, Todo Papel, Todo Casa. What next, I asked Alick?
He replied “wait and see perhaps you are looking at the next Richard Branson!!!” With that I finished my interview which was great fun, with two very likeable people and you can't help but think they will do very well with this new venture.

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