Association of Business People and Shopkeepers in Competa


Welcome from the acting President Sebastián López López to all in attendance.

1.Presentation and approval of the 2009 Accounts.
The Treasurer, Maribel Gordillo, presented the Accounts and final balances of the Adecom Bank Accounts. The need was stressed for the collaboration of all Associates to pay the annual quota in order for the Association to continue. Although we are pending various subsidies that have been applied for, at present, without the collaboration of the Associates there is a lack of funds for basic expenses such as the office telephone, office material etc. Some of the Associates present made known their discontent of the fact that others had not paid their quota from last year, expecting Adecom to continue to function without their support. It was therefore requested that those ones not be treated in the same way as those who from the beginning had been paying their quota.

2.Agreements and Conventions
The agreements that Associates can benefit from were explained;
COREMSA – Formation Consultancy. This organization can organize a wide variety of courses for Adecom in Cómpeta, including CAP, TPC and online courses.
PLAN FOR LABOUR RISKS – Agreement made with Axarquía Prevención SL for good discounts.
INSURANCES – Agreement with Mapfre to benefit from discounts on their policies.
TAXES ON CHAIRS & TABLES – Tariffs charged by the Town Hall for Bars and Restaurants have been reduced.
HYGIENE PLAN – Agreement with Adetex for contract prices.
DATA PROTECTION LAW – Adecom will provide an informative chat regarding this obligatory law. Associates were invited to contact AdecomOffice to apply for quotes according to the agreements made in order to benefit from the above mentioned items.
SUSIDIES – Various subsidies have been applied for including; Start-up Subsidy, Website, Publicity and Personnel to work at Adecom.
Various subsidies available for associates – Sole Traders etc. Associates were invited to contact the office to enquire how each one can benefit.
3.Plan of Action for 2010 (Projects and Objectives)
CEM - Confederation of Business People of Malaga
FECOMA – Federation of Malaga Trade
Re-enforce the commercial sector by means of publicity campaigns within the various sectors.
Meetings for each commercial sector to define concrete actions.
4.Any other business
Various points were clarified as to the quotas and illegal workers, pointing out the stand Adecom takes against illegal workers. Those in attendance ratified Sebastian López López as the new President of Adecom and also approved extending the number of members of the Board of Directors, inviting all who wish to join. Octavio López Ruiz requested to join.
Cómpeta Properties SL entered as a new associate.
If you would like further information on joining ADECOM and its benefits please drop by the office situated where the post office used to be in Competa.
(N.B. These minutes are a summary and not a word for word translation.)

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