Darts Mid Season Report


As we reach the mid-season break in the Cómpeta Darts League it's time to update you on the season thus far following the pre-season report in September's issue.

Fortunately, the darts mid-season break coincides with the Christmas and New Year Festivities and unlike most sports this is quite fortunate. Most other sports require you to maintain a level of fitness, which can be difficult during this period when much eating and drinking takes place. For the dedicated darts
player this provides an excellent opportunity to top up any loss of front end ballast that may have taken place during the intense and energetic confrontations.

The season has seen some teams introducing team colours including Gemelas with embroidered black shirts adorned with individual's names such as “Vino Blanco”, “Rocket”, “La Maquina” and “Secret Weapon” as well as Alberdini with similar black polo shirts. Probably the most impressive have been Albaida 'B' adorning their pink tops resulting in their nickname of the “Pink Ladies”. Needless to say the team lacks any male players who want to look pretty in pink.

After some keenly fought matches the Cómpeta Darts League table has started to take shape and similar to the English Football Premiership, a number of 'leagues within leagues' have started to appear. The table currently looks as follows:-

Darts League

97 Albaida A
91 Cortijo Paco
91 Roca A
81 Gemelas
67 Cataollas
61 Pavo Real
60 Piscina
59 Vendemia
57 Fernan
53 Roca Atl
38 Albaida B
37 Alberdini

The clear breakaway group are the top three teams with my own team, Gemelas, in a bit of limbo being probably too far away to launch a serious challenge on the top teams but sufficiently ahead of the rest not to really feel threatened.

After much pre-season bluster about what they were going to do in the league, the new-kids on the block , Vendemia, have made an impressive start with three of their players, playing in the league for the first time. The much talked about fixture Vendemia versus Las Gemelas was a nail biting fixture with the match ending in a 6-6 draw. Once again I was beaten by Andy Wilkes (Sugar & Spice) and top marks go to the Vendemia vice-captain Steve Twiselton for another solid performance unfortunately that now leaves him more than a few places above me on the games finished table! It must be said they have had some respectable results but also some losses to keep the Facebook inter team banter alive and well.

The leaders, captained by Jo Stewart, have had some impressive high scores including a 10-2, 11-1 and a 12-0, although it has to be said the 12-0 was against a depleted Roca Athletic, captained by Jens Velez, who only managed to field a 3 man team. The same week they managed their 12-0 two other teams also managed the ultimate full house, Gemelas and Cortijo Paco.

Within the league a number of individuals have stood out from the rest with the number of games they've finished as well as impressive scores in their individual games. Phil Stockton (Cortijo Paco) has managed a total of 31 finishes followed by his team mate, Colin Jeffrey with 23 and Campana from Albaida 'A' with 21. On the scores of 100 or more with three darts once again Phil Stockton tops the table with 20 followed by our own Gemelas 'Capitano', Steve Napier on 16 and again Colin Jeffrey is up there with 12. Amongst the 100 or more scored Phil's includes three 180s, Colin two and Steve one. These guys are the true “3-in-a-Beds”. Clearly the rest need to sabotage Phil and Colin's darts to slow them and their team down.

Not to be excluded, the ladies 'Games Finished' league is topped by Liz McDonald from the Pink Ladies, sorry, Albaida 'B' with 12. Jenny Nicholson from Pavo Real has 10 and Jenny “Vino Blanco” Napier (whoops, gave the identity away!) has 9 along with Emilia from Roca Athletic. The ladies 100 or more is topped by “Vino Blanco” with four and with two 100+ we have Alison (Pavo Real), Liz McDonald (Albaida 'B'), Kath Morgan (Cataollas) and Emilia (Roca Athletic). The ladies are perhaps more discerning than the men as none have managed 3-in-a-bed 180.

As well as the achievements that can be measured we have seen some improvements in individuals own play. I won't embarrass anyone here with names but we have seen players who are now managing to actually hit the board whereas before the teams were offered hard hats and eye protectors to prevent injury from flying darts. A few walls will be refilled and painted before next season. Some of the male players have developed phobias including an inability to perform when up against the ladies. Darts, I'm still talking darts. Keep up.

So there we have the 1st half. There is still much to play for including the league winners, which is by no means over, and the individual honours of most finishes, 100+ and 180s. Time to re-sharpen the darts, straighten those stems, change the flights and take aim.

Bring on part 2.

Alick Howard

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