The methods used previously to obtain viewing card without a UK address have been locked down and it is no longer possible for Nerja solutions to provide cards for sky services.
We have seen a growing number of new businesses offering cards with so called “Hosting” with a cost of around 150€ per year plus the Sky subscription. We do not recommend this as we have had some bad experiences with such companies. However if you have a Valid UK address, you can contact Sky directly and ask for a viewing card for free.

How? Make sure you have chosen your package, (see and you have a Valid UK address and postcode, and of course, someone who can send the card to you here in Spain. Contact Sky on 0844 2414141 Tell them you already have the equipment installed and working and all you require is the viewing card. (they call this a “second hand contract”) You will need to provide a UK bank account details for the standing order. They also accept worldwide credit or debit card payments. Be sure not to mention you are in Spain. And if possible call them from a UK mobile or Skype rather than a Spanish landline. Cards take 2-3 days to arrive at the UK destination.

When you receive your viewing card you will need to insert it into the Viewing Card slot. (Not the interactive slot). Note: on some boxes the viewing card slot is behind a flap. Then you will need to call Sky on the number which accompanies the paperwork with your card. The next step is a manual activation or card pairing. As you cannot connect your digibox to a phone line here in Spain, you will have to ask Sky to send a “Pairing Signal” they will ask you for the version number and serial number of your Digibox. Both can be found in the services menu under system setup and system details.
Sky send out a signal to activate the card, this can take up to 24hrs however normally within 20 mins.
Sky has confirmed details about how Freesat From Sky customers can secure replacement viewing cards for the service.
The Sky team said that anyone is eligible to get a new card without charge if they bought a Sky box and Freesat From Sky viewing card after May 1, 2004 or purchased just the viewing card after May 1, 2006. Anyone not covered by these categories can purchase a replacement card for a "small fee".

In both cases, customers need to register their details on the Sky website to get the new card sent out to them. Everyone using an expired subscription card to watch free-to-view TV on Sky should also register for a replacement card, but do not need to wait for an on-screen reminder before doing so.

A point to note however, Currently all Sky Digiboxes are able to receive most of the FreeToAir stations without the use of a viewing card. With the exception of Channels FIVE, FIVE LIFE, FIVE ER and Sky3. These channels are planned to go FreeToAir in the coming months, and we have already seen some testing of these channels which by manually tuning the digibox, we were able to view without any card.
Our Advice to Sky viewers with FreeToAir cards, is to remove the card from the slot, Reset the box simply by powering down for a few minutes, and leave the card out. This will remove the constant messages asking you to replace the card. We do not recommend paying any third party for replacement cards. We have seen them advertised for as much as 150€.

This month we say goodbye to “Sky Dai” who is heading back to the UK. He joins a growing number of Satellite installers that have sold up or closed down in recent months. We at Nerja solutions will be happy to serve any of his clients past or present and offer great service at the best prices.

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