Competa Kids Football play Sayalonga


A freezing cold Wednesday evening saw the rescheduled games for the Alevin and Infantile teams against local rivals Sayalonga who couldn't play on Saturday as they had to paint their school that day. It all sounded like excuses to avoid playing our teams, but they arrived on time and looked eager to play.

First up were the Alevin side who were looking to improve following their shakey start to the season against Algarobbo. The game kicked off at 5-00pm and within 3 minutes of the start Competa got the goal they were looking for. The team had been practicing their movement on corners and this was obvious from the first one. Attacking the cross, the runs of the Competa forwards, resulted in the ball falling to Ethan who'd found himself in space. He made no mistake poking the ball home from close range. Two minutes later Competa found themselves 2 -0 up after another great run from Lucien who toe poked his shot into the corner.

Competa felt the game was over but Sayalonga had different ideas and bravely fought back. A defensive error led to their first, followed by an equalizer on 17 minutes following another mistake. All players make mistakes but when you are the goal keeper everybody sees them which is why it's one of the toughest positions to play. Competa were looking nervous until a great goal by Harry right on half time seemed to restore confidence. The ball fell to Harry with back to goal, and in one movement he spun and struck his shot with power into the bottom corner. Great goal and 3-2 Competa at the break.

Changes were made at half time and both teams fought to gain some advantage. Competa were awarded a penalty on the 33rd minute following a handball, and Lucien had a chance to make up for his miss in the previous game. He powered the penalty home and this seemed to spur Competa on. Arek had looked keen to score and was rewarded with a goal following a great run and a follow up shot after the keeper had saved. 5-2 Competa and the game was sealed when the ball broke to Arek again after a goalmouth scramble. He wasn't going to miss from close range and Competa ran out winners 6-2. Defenders Jonathan, Juan and David looked comfortable and a good nights work from Cristobel and Jose Luis, who played in defence and midfield, ensured Competa got their first 3 points of the season. Ivan was disappointed with the game but he finished strongly and Antonio had a clean sheet in goal which was pleasing. All in all a great night for the Alevines. The Infantiles were looking to build on their first victory and kicked off at 6-00 pm with a good crowd considering how cold it was. A really good first 15 minutes saw Jonathan give Competa a 1-0 lead with a long shot into the corner from distance following a through ball from Josh. Finding himself with room, Jonathan carried the ball unchallenged before firing in his first goal of the season. A close free kick followed and Competa nearly went 2-0 up following good work by Jose Manuel and Vela. Competa scored again on the 14th minute with a great strike first time from distance by Josh. It looked like it was going to be an easy night for Competa but Sayalonga are a team that does not give up. They took their chance when a mix up led to a defensive error and Sayalonga pulled a goal back.

Competa continued to be the strongest team, with Samuel having a good long distance effort saved by the Sayalonga keeper. 3 minutes later Competa extended their lead when Jose Manuel controlled a powerfully driven shot, turned and fired the ball into the bottom corner in one movement. Sayalonga were still not beaten and scored with a perfect lob to make it 3-2. Competa looked nervous and a crazy mistake led to a Competa defender picking the ball up in the area, when the game was active. The referee Paco had no option but to give a penalty and Sayalonga had a chance to level the score. The penalty was missed and Competa breathed a sigh of relief. Sayalonga continued to battle and got their deserved equaliser following a rare mistake by Juan in goal ,who'd had another good game. A long distance shot managed to sneak under him when it seemed like it was covered. 3-3.

Competa proved too strong for Sayalonga and Samuel had another great performance from the bench scoring two goals on 41 and 43 minutes. The first was a cross shot that found the corner and the second a pass into the net following good build up play. Competa's substitutes again made a real impact with excellent pressure forcing Sayalonga into errors. Marci scored Competa's sixth goal with a strongly driven shot following good work by Bartolome. A final goal from Sayalonga with a header from a corner came too late and Competa finished deserved winners. The home team played well but must be disappointed to give away 3 cheap goals. Despite good performances by Pedro, Ivan and Josh, Competa need to tighten up if they want to challenge for the League this year.


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