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Information on buying & selling a property in Spain plus legal advice on the key issues of living and working in the Axarquia

Buying A Car In Spain



Marina Romero, an Abogado with the international firm of De Cotta McKenna y Santafé sets out the pitfalls.

Everyone likes to drive a new car and although at the time of purchase the most important consideration is sometimes the cost. There are other points that all prospective car buyers should bear in mind. Although a well-priced car would seem like a good offer initially, it could become a nightmare of breakdowns and expensive car repair bills.

When buying a car we have various

Property Nightmares



We had been considering buying a property in Spain for some time. The thought of our own villa with a pool located in a nice plush green valley with views of the sea and that lovely warm Mediterranean temperature. Who hasn't thought of buying such a property in Spain!

So when we saw the advert in the local paper that there was to be a Spanish Property Exhibition at a nearby hotel we thought that it would be an excellent opportunity to see what kind of property we could buy with our

Setting Up A Business In Spain



If you are reading this article then you are considering working or setting up some form of business in Spain.

Once you have decided what kind of business or work you will carry out it is important to decide whether you will be self employed known in Spain as autónomo or whether you will set up a company such as a limited company in the form of a sociedad limitada (“S.L.”) or sociedad civil (“S.C.”) or a larger scale company known as a sociedad anónima

Completing The Purchase



This is arguably the most exciting stage in the sequence of events leading up to the purchase of your new home. It can also be the most stressful because the process is so different to the one you are familiar with. Sunset Properties prides itself on being with you every step of the way to advise, reassure and look after your interests. This is how we structure the process for our clients:

•We provide a financial completion statement setting out what exactly has been paid to whom so

Buying A Home In The Sun



Once you have found your perfect property and negotiated a price, the buying process will begin.

As properties tend to be advertised with a number of different agents you might be asked to pay a holding deposit whilst the contract is being drawn up, this will allow the vendor to take the house off the market.  Before you sign anything or pay any deposit you should consult a legal advisor.


Purchase Contract

In Spain the purchase contract is called a Contracto de Compraventa

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