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Information on buying & selling a property in Spain plus legal advice on the key issues of living and working in the Axarquia


All buyers of property in Spain start their search on-line and therefore, making your property stand out, is essential. Currently, buyers have over 200,000 Spanish properties to choose from on Spain's leading property sales website. The formula for success is quite simple. Creative Property Marketing believes that empowering sellers to get the best marketing for their home is vital. Making sure a property is visible and well-presented on-line guarantees great internet 'curb appeal' – the equivalent to a successful UK drive past that results in a viewing! 1. It is rare to find two homes for sale in Spain that are identical - every home has a rare quality. This usually applies to homes for sale in an urban setting or in the countryside. Therefore, every Spanish home has a unique selling point relating to its structure, how it is decorated/finished, location or views. Realising this unique quality and promoting it, is key. Its likely, there is a buyer out there searching for the rare quality your home offers. Ensuring the title on your property details include your unique selling point is imperative. This is what will stop a buyer when searching on-line and encourage them to read more and ultimately organise a viewing!


A few months ago we provided some information on a new law introduced by the Junta de Andalucía which requires sellers of property situated on rustic land to obtain a certificate from their local Town Hall known as a Declaración de Asimilado a Fuera de Ordenación (DAFO). The DAFO certificate clarifies the situation of the property and confirms that there are no problems relating to the house or the land. All sales of houses on rustic land and updates of Escritura descriptions need this certificate and for sales it is needed prior to completion. The process involves an architect producing comprehensive plans of the property, confirming that the property is habitable with a functioning bathroom and kitchen, that it has legal electricity and water connections and that it has a septic tank not a 'black hole' or 'pozo negro'. The Town Hall check their records to ensure that proper planning permission has been granted for everything in situ and there are no sanctions against the property or files open investigating issues relating to the property. The Town Hall Architect then visits the property to ensure that all of these requirements have been met before issuing the certificate. Following the issuing of a number of these certificates by Town Halls for sales over the past months, we now have more experience of what is involved. For instance if a first occupation licence was produced for a house at the time of the original purchase and you have not built anything new since, then the DAFO is not required for the sale of that property. But if you have added anything new to the building then the DAFO will be needed.


In Holland (Belguim also) clients who want to buy a house use just one agent to do all of the legwork for them. We think that this is a great idea, saving time and energy. Have a read at our coordinated approach to buying houses.

Initial Steps
Having decided to begin the process of buying a property abroad, most people start their search via the internet trawling through the many websites operated by lots of different estate agents. This gives prospective buyers a good idea of what's available for sale in their preferred area. The next stage is to make contact with one or more of these agents and to make arrangements to meet up and discuss your particular requirements.


The search for the right property can often be a long exhausting process, full of ups and downs, excitement and sometimes disappointments – and the same can be said from the seller’s perspective as well. So what can we do to make the journey of selling and buying an easier one?

Solutions 4 U is an established office, the proprietor, Julie Wilkins, having been here for more than two decades can offer good advice and reliable and efficient services. We have plenty of experience and a wealth of knowledge to help our customers.


It is essential, particularly if you want to sell your property, that any issues relating to your Escritura, Catastro, IBI and utility bills are resolved as soon as possible.

The Escritura (Title Deed)
states who owns the property and gives a description of the property. Often this is incorrect, even if you used the services of a lawyer when you bought your property!

If you have added anything such as a pool, bedroom, dining room or bathroom, or you have built a storage room or garage, your Escritura must be updated to include these.

This is a straightforward process if you have the necessary building licences for the work.
If you do not and the pool, room or building has been in situ for more than 6 years then it is possible to update your Escritura using a certificate of antiquity which requires:

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