All buyers of property in Spain start their search on-line and therefore, making your property stand out, is essential. Currently, buyers have over 200,000 Spanish properties to choose from on Spain's leading property sales website. The formula for success is quite simple. Creative Property Marketing believes that empowering sellers to get the best marketing for their home is vital. Making sure a property is visible and well-presented on-line guarantees great internet 'curb appeal' – the equivalent to a successful UK drive past that results in a viewing! 1. It is rare to find two homes for sale in Spain that are identical - every home has a rare quality. This usually applies to homes for sale in an urban setting or in the countryside. Therefore, every Spanish home has a unique selling point relating to its structure, how it is decorated/finished, location or views. Realising this unique quality and promoting it, is key. Its likely, there is a buyer out there searching for the rare quality your home offers. Ensuring the title on your property details include your unique selling point is imperative. This is what will stop a buyer when searching on-line and encourage them to read more and ultimately organise a viewing! 2. Photography - especially the main image is so important. Getting this right is essential - does the image make a buyer click on your property to find out more? The main photo of your property needs to ensure buyers don't scroll past it when searching on a website. The image needs to offer a little something special - something inviting. This does not have to be a huge swimming pool or glitzy villa, it could, be an intimate image of a courtyard with flowering pot plants or an apartment balcony with far reaching views. 3. Price - does the price equal what you are selling? Are you advertising the total size of your property in square meters to include; your pool, covered terraces, outbuildings etc? Many buyers will subconsciously calculate an approximate price per square meter. Does your property compete well in the current market? Have you searched on for example to compare other properties for sale against your own? Ideally, search in your immediate area and further afield. This is what buyers will be doing and undergoing this exercise yourself can be very enlightening! 4. Presentation on-line via photography and then presentation in reality during viewings. Does your property presentation scream, buy me now?! When a buyer flicks through your portfolio of photographs on-line, do the images sell a desirable lifestyle? Are the images light and bright, show off current décor/finishes? Do the images of your home inspire buyers to want to soak up your views every day, welcome buyers into your pool, gardens, courtyard or terrace? Does your selection of photos encourage them to organise a viewing? Then when the buyers arrives to view the property, does it look better or as good as in the photographs? Is your home immaculately presented so the buyer believes it always looks like this - weeds don't grow, dust never falls and paintwork rarely needs refreshing? If buyers feel relaxed rather than overwhelmed by seeing a list of jobs they already have to do on the day of completion, they are more likely to buy your home. 5. Legal paperwork. Do you have copies available for buyers to see during a viewing of your property; the Nota Simple, a recent IBI bill, Catastral details, a water, electricity and telephone bill? If the buyers appear interested, simply offering them sight of, an explanation of or a copy of these details can give buyers huge confidence. It shows them you have nothing to hide and equally displays to the buyer that you are knowledgeable about the legality of your home. It does not matter if you are using an estate agent - the property is yours to sell whatever it takes to beat the competition! If you have found this guide helpful and would like to discuss the topic in more detail, Sarah & David Rick of Creative Property Marketing are always available to be of assistance to you. They have a refreshing attitude towards property sales - offering sellers of property all over Spain something above and beyond the standard approach. See their advert on oppositr , visit their website: or phone them on: 0034 951 400 228

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